Healthy Fruit Recipes for Picnics

One of the best things to bring on a picnic when you are trying to be a little healthier is fruit. Fruit is super easy to pack up and prep beforehand, doesn’t always need an ice pack, and is super refreshing. Especially when it’s the middle of the summer and the weather is hot, everyone is looking for something refreshing and sweet. What better thing to fill up with at the beach or pool than fruit – instead of sweets and heavy food?

Healthy Fruit Recipes for Picnics

Healthy Fruit Recipes for Picnics

Whether you are trying to cut back on fat and calories, or you simply want to add in more nutritious, the following healthy fruit recipes are perfect to add to your picnic spread.

Fruit Kebobs

The first way to have more fruit on your picnic is simply to choose a variety of flavorful and colorful fruits, cut them up, and put them on skewers. This creates some fun fruit kebobs that are easy to eat, great for families, and encourage everyone to eat the fruit.

rainbow fruit skewers

Fruit kebobs are great for all types of picnics too, whether it is a breakfast or brunch picnic, or you need a side for a lunch or afternoon picnic with the family. Some fruit that works great on skewers includes cantaloupe, watermelon, mango, strawberries, and
orange slices.

Make Your Own Fruit Salad

Fruit salads are another great choice because there are so many ways to make it. You can choose a fruit salad with just pieces of fruit in containers, or add some sweetness by drizzling a little honey or homemade sauce on top.

red white blue fruit salad

You can also go decadent by drizzling a little bit of melted chocolate on the fruit. Be creative and have fun with it.

Fruit on Sticks

This is similar to fruit kebobs, but instead of using smaller pieces on sticks, you are using shorter sticks and having larger pieces of just one fruit. One of the best fruits for this type of snack is watermelon.

watermelon on a stick

You can cut up your watermelon into triangle shapes that fit right on the top of whatever sticks you can find. It is a fun and less messy way to eat watermelon on a picnic, providing a healthy and refreshing treat for everyone.

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas

This is going to be a little higher in fat and calories (and carbs) than the other options, but it allows you to have a lighter dessert with more fruit. All you need to do is make some sugar cookies, add a little frosting on top, then add some pieces of fruit.

There are low-sugar versions of cookies and cream cheese frosting to lighten this up as much as possible.

Fruit Recipes for Summer Picnics

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  1. Those watermelon pops look so good! I wonder if I’ll be able to trick my little ones into considering that a dessert? Hopefully so, because otherwise I’m going to be putting on a lot of weight sampling the sugar cookie fruit pizza!

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