Getting Healthy With Organic Food

Food is an important part of life for human beings and all other animals on the planet. While food is a natural part of human life, many foods are now produced using industrial processes that can introduce dangerous toxins and pesticides into the food supply.

For example, most crops are grown in huge mono-cultures that are subject to pests and disease. Because of this, farmers will often spray these fields with fungicide, pesticide and other toxins to ensure proper plant growth. However, exposure to these chemicals can cause a variety of negative health effects in humans.

Exposure to some pesticides has been shown to increase the risk of cancer and other metabolic disorders. In addition, pesticides can impact the proper development of the human nervous system. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid exposure to pesticides by eating organic food that is locally produced. In addition, this can be an excellent way to support local farmers.

Source: Best Public Health Schools

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