Fun and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Here are just a few tips to help give you some healthy lunch ideas and inspiration for kids while on a budget.

healthy lunch ideas for kids

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

When it comes to your children’s school lunches, it might just appear so easy to buy those little bundles of food snacks and juice boxes. It’s not the healthiest, but it sure is fast and easy.

While it seems like a good approach, an even better idea would be to try something fun and so much cheaper. Not only that, there could be less food waste and more kid-friendly fun! Your child will not want to trade lunches with anyone ever again.

Design your child’s lunch to be kid-friendly. Do not go all out on a full-fledged fancy meal that will cause their taste buds to cringe. Instead, opt in fun shapes and sizes of finger food sandwiches. You can cut foods into finger food shapes, such as squares, hearts and triangles or fun shapes using a silly sandwich cutter set

Kids seem to have more of an interest in their food when it is fun to eat. Create funny faces, flowers or other various things with the food to surprise your child with once they open their lunch boxes. Begin the creative process. Make your own sugar-free Jell-O cups. Basically, you use extra small Tupperware containers and make the Jell-O as directed. Add fruit pieces to make it a healthy dessert.

The Secret to Keeping Fruit from Browning

Does it bother you when the fruit browns so easily after dicing it up? Browning is a result of the exposure to oxygen. Do you want to know the secret on how to delay the fruit from browning? Of course you do! Two words: lemon juice. Simply brush it on any cut up apples, bananas and other cut-up fruits. It works wonders. This trick does make the fruit a little sour, but it does the job. You can also use the option to use a rubber band and placing the fruit back together, which can reduce browning as well.

Pack Foods that Energize

Buy different packages of produce and cut it up. Cut out the junk food, plain and simple. Pudding, candy and other sugary substances offer nothing good, except taste. There is no nutritional value in any of them. Instead, gather bulks of fruits and vegetables and put them in individual serving size bags and store them in your refrigerator for easy access. They cost less than 50 cents per serving, which is a little less than the price of a chocolate bar.

almond butter singlesPortion sizes are a big deal as well. Too much food in one setting can lead to sluggish, tired spells during the day. Find foods that energize them, while keeping them satisfied. Whole grain is a plus in that department, not only keeping you full longer, but it heart-healthy!

Every now and then, it takes slightly more effort when it comes to getting your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. Dips are a must-have. Almond butter singles, Greek yogurt and hummus are a few favorites. Honey mustard is sugar-free and is also a great alternative.

Don’t Forget a Water Bottle

The next time you are creating a shopping list, be sure to add a water bottle to it. The perfect beverage for your child to drink is water. It’s simple, pure, and fairly cheap, while keeping you hydrated. The water bottle will allow a more eco-friendly method with less waste of plastic bottles. What is even better is that they’re spill proof and something your child will have for a long time. Water bottles are also great for packing soups, too!

fun printable lunch box notes for kids

Lunch Boxes and Ice Packs

Find the best lunch boxes for kids and containers that are of good value, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. You can snag kids lunch container sets for about $15 shipped at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They come in fun colors and include ice packs. Or if you want to customize your own ice pack, just put dish soap (any kind) in a tight, ziplock bag and freeze. Rubbing alcohol and water in a bag works well too.

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