20 Healthy Appetizers for Thanksgiving

Here are some amazing Healthy Appetizers for Thanksgiving to keep you satiated without adding bulk. They are so yummy you won’t miss the fat and it will keep you going all day!

healthy appetizers for thanksgiving

Healthy Appetizers for Thanksgiving

In my family, we always had the same recipes every year for Thanksgiving while I was growing up. Healthy appetizers for Thanksgiving is the one thing I wish we had implemented into our menu. My mom always said she was “saving her appetite” for the big meal, but truthfully, you can’t really do that. You really do need to eat during the day, even if you will be eating a large meal in the evening.

Thanksgiving is such a special day but who says you have to go overboard and stuff yourself silly? Enjoy your friends and family and celebrate your health and happiness. Choose simple recipes so you can eat a special dish without exhausting yourself!

Need gluten-free options for healthy appetizers? Here is an extensive list of Gluten-Free Healthy Appetizers!

Onion Bacon Dip Appetizer Recipe
This recipe is perfect for a pre-turkey meal – something different than the usual onion dip with potato chips.
Onion Bacon Dip Appetizer

apple snack
Here is a good for you snack that’s so easy to prepare that adults as well as KIDS will gobble it up!
Apple Snacks

easy spicy pumpkin hummus
This is a quick appetizer that’s perfect for fall parties. You only need 5 minutes and a few ingredients to make this tasty dip.
Easy Spicy Pumpkin Hummus

Blue Cheese Fig Flatbread
This flatbread is salty-sweet and creamy-rich with Balsamic Sauce is super-easy and insanely delicious! A tasty 15 minute meal or a yummy appetizer to share with company!
Blue Cheese Fig Flatbread with Balsamic Sauce

Spanakopita Stuffed Mushrooms
A simple spinach stuffed mushrooms recipe with feta cheese and garlic! Low carb stuffed mushrooms with spinach are easy, healthy and taste like Greek spanakopita.
Spanakopita Stuffed Mushrooms

Italian Roasted Potato Bites Recipe
If you are looking for some healthy appetizers and don’t mind carbs, these cuties are for you! These little Italian Roasted Potato Bites are so fun and delicious.

Cold Crab Dip with Cream Cheese
This easy cold crab dip recipe with cream cheese takes just 5 minutes to put together! It’s the perfect quick appetizer for any party.
Cold Crab Dip with Cream Cheese

Thanksgiving Turkey Fruit Platter
This colorful turkey fruit platter display is quite a conversation piece! An ordinary fruit tray turns extraordinary when it’s made in the shape of a Thanksgiving turkey!
Thanksgiving Turkey Fruit Platter

Honey Cocoa Almonds
Crunchy, salty, with a hint of sweet chocolate… these Honey-Cocoa Almonds are quick to make and make a delicious dessert or even appetizer if you’re feeling festive.
Apple Snacks

Vegetable Hummus Dip
This vegetable hummus dip make store bought hummus taste incredible!
Vegetable Hummus Dip

Baba Ghanoush Dip
This delicious roasted Red pepper Baba Ghanoush recipe is made with roasted eggplants and peppers. Makes a savory and smoky spread for bread, pitas, etc.
Baba Ghanoush Dip

Simple French Onion Soup
Any household family activity becomes better when the scent of a delicious meal cooking wafts into the room.
Simple French Onion Soup

Lemon Garlic Marinated Shrimp

Vermont Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese Straws

Harvest Apple Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

Caramelized Onion, Gruyère, and Bacon Spread

Warm Cranberry-Walnut Brie

Roasted Chickpeas

Spinach Ricotta Bruschetta

Lemony White Bean Bruschetta

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  1. These are very unique and healthy appetizer ideas! I love the Thanksgiving Turkey Fruit Platter. I’m more of a basic kind of person and the fruit platter looks beautiful with all of the fruit colors! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great collection of awesome appetizers! Such a great ideas! We host an appetizer pajama party for NYE. Now I have a bunch of new options!. Thanks for this amazing list of appetizers! These are very unique and healthy appetizer ideas! I love the Thanksgiving Turkey Fruit Platter. I’m more of a basic kind of person and the fruit platter looks beautiful with all of the fruit colors! Thanks for including my brie and fig jam appetizers. The appetizer that most intrigues me. What a great collection of awesome appetizers!

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