Healthy Valentine Snack Mix

We all know that Valentine’s Day is a time to express love and appreciation, but did you know it can also be an opportunity to snack on something healthy? This Healthy Valentine Snack Mix includes a variety of delicious ingredients like Strawberry & Banana Cheerios, Dehydrated Strawberries, Dried Cranberries, Yogurt Covered Raisins, Yogurt Covered Pretzels, and Chocolate Bunny Grahams. Now you can show your love for someone special while also enjoying a delicious and healthy snack! So go ahead, treat yourself (and your valentine) to some Healthy Valentine Snack Mix this V-Day. You won’t be disappointed.

Eating Healthy Snacks doesn’t have to mean churning through bowls of tasteless carrot sticks – there are plenty of nutritious, delicious options out there! From roasted chickpeas to trail mix to homemade energy bars, getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals can be just as enjoyable as it is beneficial. So don’t resent snacking, it’s actually an important part of a balanced diet!

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Love is in the air! And what better way to celebrate than by indulging in a sweet treat? This Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolate and go for something a little healthier instead. Our delicious snack mix is perfect for satisfying your cravings. Made with nutritious ingredients, this mix is both tasty and good for you. So why not give it a try?

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about sweet treats! While store-bought candy can be a popular choice, why not whip up something a little more special this year? This Healthy Valentine Snack Mix features strawberry and banana Cheerios, dehydrated strawberries, dried cranberries, yogurt covered raisins, yogurt covered pretzels, and chocolate bunny grahams for a one-of-a-kind treat that everyone can enjoy.

The best part? It’s packed with goodness that’s sure to keep you feeling energized throughout the day. Not to mention, it looks absolutely adorable when packaged in little jars or bags! Surprise your loved ones with this festive snack mix that’s sure to put a smile on their faces.

Try this Pink Hot Chocolate for a perfect drink that pairs with this snack mix so well!

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What Should I Use in This Recipe?

  • Strawberry and Banana Cheerios are a great way to add some sweetness and nutrition to your day, while providing a fun and unique flavor combination!
  • Dehydrated Strawberries add an irresistible sweetness and flavor to this Healthy Valentine Snack Mix, plus they’re a great source of vitamins and minerals for an extra nutrition boost!
  • Dried Cranberries add tartness and a burst of flavor to any snack mix or trail mix, making them an essential ingredient for any sweet and savory blend!
  • Yogurt Covered Raisins are a delicious and nutritious snack option; their sweet flavor, combined with the richness of creamy yogurt, make them an excellent choice for a healthy treat.
  • Yogurt Covered Pretzels combine the crunchiness of a pretzel with the smooth goodness of creamy yogurt for a delicious snack that satisfies both salty and sweet cravings!
  • Chocolate Bunny Grahams are perfect for a delicious snack anytime!
Healthy Valentine Snack Mix

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Healthy Valentine Snack Mix Recipe

This healthy snack mix is perfect for your Valentine. It's full of delicious fruity flavors and it's a great way to sneak in some extra vitamins and minerals. Plus, it's super easy to make!


  • Strawberry and Banana Cheerios (or chocolate and strawberry)
  • Dehydrated Strawberries
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Yogurt Covered Raisins
  • Yogurt Covered Pretzels
  • Chocolate Bunny Grahams


  1. Add a little bit of everything to a bowl and mix!

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