Easy DIY Scrub to Help Itchy Scalp

Hair products, oils, dirt, and odors can build up in the hair over time if it is not properly cleansed well. One of my favorite home remedies for dandruff to rid hair build-up and help itchy scalp is with a homemade hair and scalp scrub.

DIY Scrub to Help Itchy Scalp

Help Itchy Scalp with Homemade Hair Scrub

The scrub is invigorating and stimulating, allowing hair to grow full and healthy while also keeping it shiny and vibrant. Best of all, the hair scrub is very easy to make and requires basic ingredients from the kitchen that almost everyone has on hand.

Applying coffee to the hair can be a great way to help rebalance the pH levels of the hair and scalp. Try rinsing the hair with cold, brewed coffee or rubbing coffee grounds into the scalp. This can also help to scrub away dead skin cells from the scalp.

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Ingredients for Hair Scrub to Help Itchy Scalp

The ingredients I use to make the hair scrub are as follows:

  • 2 cups of organic coffee grinds
  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • 1 cup of organic shampoo.

I always try to make sure the ingredients are organic because I hate using ingredients that are not dense in nutrients and contain harsh chemicals, toxins, and pesticides. In addition, I try to be earth-friendly while supplying my hair and scalp with a deep, potent nourishing cleanse that helps give my hair softness and keeps my scalp healthy. Now, if you do not have these ingredients on hand, you can purchase all of them at a local grocery store.

Why these Ingredients Are Used

The reasons why the ingredients are used to make this cleansing hair scrub are simply that they are excellent for promoting healthy hair and scalp. Coffee alone does wonder for the hair and scalp. It helps keeps grays away by naturally dying the gray hair right away while enhancing the natural color of your hair, and this is especially true if you are a brown-haired person. Coffee also helps stimulate hair growth while adding volume, shine, and moisture to the hair so it can look and feel it is best naturally.

coffee grounds for itchy scalp

Honey is used in the hair scrub because it helps cleanse away hair build-up, repairs hair damage such as split ends, and helps reduce frizz while helping draw out the hair’s natural highlights. In addition, honey helps ease an itchy scalp right away and removes dandruff. It also helps treat a fungal infection a scalp can sometimes get known as “Tinea Capitis,” which is a case of ringworm.

honey for itchy scalp

The reason why organic shampoo is needed in the scrub is that it helps bring the scrub together while producing tiny scrubbing foamy bubbles that deeply cleanse the hair and scalp well from product build-up while also enhancing the beauty and texture of the hair.

However, you can choose whatever organic shampoo you would like to use. When I make the hair scrub, I like to use the Organix Mocha Espresso Awakening Shampoo because it blends in with the scent of the organic coffee grinds, and it contains proteins and moisturizers that strengthen the hair naturally. However, you can use whatever shampoo you would like, but just make sure it is organic or at least earth-friendly.

Creating the Hair Scrub

The easiest way I find to create the hair scrub is by placing all the ingredients into a large-sized container and combining them together with a mixing spoon until a thick, gritty coffee scented hair scrub is created. After, place the lid onto the container and place the scrub in the shower so you can easily use it to really give the hair and scalp a deep cleansing.

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Using the Scrub

My favorite way to use the scrub and the way I recommend using it is by first drenching your hair down with plenty of warm water. Then, squeeze the extra water out of your hair. After, take a handful of the scrub and really work it into the scalp and the hair using your fingertips. It may take about three to five minutes to really work the scrub in and lather up, but it is so worth it.

Then, rinse your hair out with plenty of warm water. This may take time because the coffee grinds really like to hang out in the hair and on the scalp depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Once your hair is rinsed out, take a towel and towel dry it and let it air-dry the rest of the way. I find allowing the hair to air dry really helps prevent hair damage and cuts down on my electricity usage, which in the long run is a great and easy way to be earth-friendly.

As soon as your hair is dry, you will love how soft and silky your hair is, along with its shine, volume, and life back in it. You will even love how healthy your scalp looks and feels too. The scrub really helps remove heavy hair product build-up, which can sometimes be the cause of an aggravated scalp or lifeless hair.

To help keep your hair and scalp healthy and truly clean, it is best to use this homemade hair scrub weekly. Using the scrub weekly will also help promote hair growth for all of you out there looking to achieve fullness and volume to your hair naturally. For those of you who make and use this hair scrub treat for your hair, I hope you enjoy the results it brings to the hair and scalp as much as I do when I make and use it.

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