Herbs that are Toxic to Pets

As much as I love herbs and natural remedies, we need to remember is that they are not healthy for everyone. If you have cats, dogs, and other pets that will be around the herbs, be careful with these ones that are toxic to animals.

Herbs that are Toxic to Pets

It’s always a great thing when you can use a natural remedy for yourself and your pets but it’s important to remember that pets are different from humans and some things can affect them negatively. Here are some herbs that are toxic to pets.


Comfrey is an excellent herb to use for digestive health, cramps from menstrual cycles, ligament pain, and many other ailments. However, it can be potentially toxic to animals if they consume a lot of the herb. A small amount is probably okay, but if you leave the plant outside where pets have prolonged exposure to it, it might cause cancer or liver damage to them.


You probably already know that garlic is dangerous and toxic to dogs, but you should also keep your cats away from this one! Not only should you never give them table scraps with garlic used as seasoning, but keep them away from your garlic at home or in the garden as well. As with chocolate, extremely small amounts is probably okay if they get it by accident, but it is best not to risk it by freely giving it to them.


The aloe plant can also be toxic to your pets if they eat the gel inside the aloe leaves, including dogs, cats, and horses. If your pets get to the gel and they begin vomiting or having diarrhea, bring them to the vet as soon as possible.

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