Home Remedies for Spiders in House

The first reaction that someone has to a spider is often fright, and most of everybody I know has a fear of spiders. Here are some great home remedies for spiders in house – safe ways to get rid of spiders at home without relying on chemicals and using natural pest control!

home remedies for spiders in house

Homemade remedies exist that can kill spiders and keep them away while being entirely chemical-free to reduce any harm that chemicals can cause to you and your loved ones and pets at home. Keep reading on to find out about these home remedies.

How do you Get Rid of Spiders in the House

Sealing Cracks and Entrance Ways

Spiders often look for areas where they can find shelter and are always looking for a nice cool place, which sadly makes your house the perfect place. To prevent Spiders from coming in in the first place would be to seal any cracks and holes in your walls, windows, or under doors where spiders are gaining entry through. 

It would be a sure-fire way to stop them from spreading at home, where a spider can lay over 150 eggs during its lifetime. Yikes! However, if the spiders are already in your house, other steps need to be taken to combat them.

Lemons Peels and Citrus Plants

While lemons and citrus fruits are a delicious food ingredient, they are also a powerful spider repelled as their acidic nature is something that spiders can’t stand the thought of facing. After your finished using your lemons, consider putting them in areas most frequented by spiders to prevent them from ever thinking of setting foot in your home again. 

Citrus Plants are also great to prevent spiders from entering your garden or balcony, forming a spider defensive perimeter around your whole property.

Smells that Spiders Hate

When people think of home remedies, they often wonder, “what are the smells that spiders hate?”. At this time, nature shows itself better than chemical products in fighting bugs. Numerous plant-based extracts and essentials oils repel spiders by the smells they emit.  Peppermint spray is effective against spiders, making them turn and run the other way at the smell of it. 

Peppermint can be used by mixing a few drops of the essential oil in water in a regular spray bottle which you can then spray around the house, in particular dark, damp areas like your basement where spiders thrive. 

Mint oil has also been scientifically proven as a potent weapon against spiders and Tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil, as spiders hate all these smells. These essential oils have the added benefit of making your house smell pleasant and refreshing, unlike their chemical counterparts that make it difficult to breathe!

What is the Best Homemade Spider Repellent?

After reading this whole article, you may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, so many options; which one should I chose?”, Given all these options, the particular option where you can never go incorrect is the essential oils. Essential oils give you the advantage of keeping spiders away while also making your home smell fresh!


Vinegar is a spider’s worst nightmare. Vinegar is incredibly potent, being a smell that spiders can’t stand. To prepare it, mix some vinegar in water and spray it around the house, much like essential oils. However, don’t expect vinegar to smell as good as the essential oils! However, vinegar is an easy homemade remedy to kill spiders as it is pretty much in any house.

We hope you have learned all about homemade remedies that can kill and prevent spiders from coming into your house. All the options are plentiful and much better than chemical alternatives that may harm you or your loved ones. So, we’d recommend you stick to the options listed above. Pick any one, and you won’t regret it.

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