The Best Home Remedies for Wasps

Wasps can become angry quickly, resulting in a painful sting. Here is everything you need to know about Home Remedies for Wasps and Wasp Repellent Tips.

home remedies for wasps

Home Remedies for Wasps

I detest wasps. They’re beneficial to the environment because they eat flies and spiders. If that was all they did, we could cohabitate happily on the same planet. But I’ve been stung by wasps more times than I care to remember. Wasps can sting you many times instead of just once like a bee can. That’s why I use these home remedies for wasps to get rid of them!

Don’t Attract Stinging Wasps to Your Property

The best homemade remedy to get rid of stinging wasps in your property is to remove any items they are attracted to. They love garbage cans, compost piles, and rotted fruit from trees. Lone apple tree attracts plenty of wasps every fall when the fruit falls to the ground and rots. Wasps also love to nest in high grass and weeds too. So, you should keep your lawn cut and remove any tall weeds that are close to your house.

Wasps Love to Visit Cook Outs and Barbecues!

That gelatin salad with chopped celery and carrots in it your Aunt Mary made might turn your stomach. But the sugar content will attract wasps to your outdoor meal. Make sure to keep desserts and other sweets sealed up in airtight containers. Then, to help get rid of stinging wasps, make yourself a homemade wasp trap. It’s really quite simple and inexpensive.

An Effective Nighttime Home Remedy for Wasps

Unless you’re very brave, or you enjoy living dangerously, this remedy is best done at night. Wasps return to their nests in the evening, so you know you’ll get them all. That, and the darkness will provide you with safe cover.

This homemade remedy to get rid of stinging wasps is to saturate their nests, then remove them. Mix up a spray bottle of tap water and a half cup of household ammonia. Saturate each wasp nest you find with this solution. Then, check them the next day.

Any wasps inside the nests should be dead. You’ll probably see dead wasps on the ground where they fell and croaked. Finally, carefully remove the nests and dispose of them.

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