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Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

I’ve been struggling with showering lately because sulfate free body wash is so expensive! After learning about all the tea tree uses I decided to make a tea tree oil body wash that I can use on myself and my kids because I am sick of having to pay such high prices for natural and sulfate-free products.

Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

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Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

We have completely gotten rid of bath and body products that have chemicals and sulfates. I did so much research on sulfates (SLS) and how harsh they are for the skin and how damaging they are to one’s health to ever want to put that on my skin let alone my kids bodies! Yuck!

Check out my post on why use sulfate free shampoo products and WHY you need to ditch the chemicals NOW!

I knew that you can make a simple body wash using castile soap. But you know I LOVE my oatmeal and I love the idea of using oatmeal-infused bath products. So I made an oatmeal mixture that could be added to the tea tree oil body wash and then doctored up the original recipe with essential oils, vitamin E oil, and jojoba oil. We do have avocado oil in the house (hands in the air, woot woot!) so I will try that next time! Boom!

Also, if you are using this on young kids, I recommend using the baby mild castile soap. I only have the peppermint castile soap in the house so I used that because a) my kids are older, b) it’s getting warm out so the coolness of the peppermint doesn’t bother them, and c) they LOVE the smell of peppermint!

Homemade Body Wash with Essential Oils


Now go take a nice warm shower with this tea tree oil body wash and enjoy knowing that your body is chemical-free. Also, know that this mixture won’t produce a lot of bubbles. We do NOT need bubbles to get clean! 🙂


Homemade Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

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