26 Easy Homemade Bread Machine Recipes

These easy homemade bread machine recipes are almost fool-proof with endless possibilities. These bread recipes are healthier and cheaper than what you buy in the store.

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Homemade Bread Machine Recipes

There are so many thing you can make in your bread machine besides just a loaf of bread! And then there are bread recipes that you can simply mix and knead in your bread machine and them shape manually and bake in your oven.

But the most common use of a bread machine is to make bread from start to finish. Every bread machine is different but once you start using one and get used to it you will know the best way to add your ingredients. Some of them say to add liquid first and some bread machines say it doesn’t matter. It’s all in how that specific bread machine activates the yeast in the dough.

The best part of a bread machine is that it will bake your bread for you. No need to heat up the oven or grease extra pans. I love how the bread machine will mix the dough, knead it and bake it all in the same pan! You can even make pizza dough on the dough cycle in the bread machine pan.

Why are Bread Machine Recipes so Great?

Freshly baked bread has a delicious taste, nutritious, cheap to make and, the smell is enticing. Baking bread at home can be tedious and messy if you are not sure how to mix the ingredients and, you would not want to serve your guests with burnt bread. Thankfully, technology has made work easy by introducing bread machines and you can make delicious homemade bread.

Bread machines work well and are a must-home appliance if you are a lover of freshly baked bread. It can either be used by a beginner or a pro in baking. The bread machine does all the work of mixing, kneading, and even baking. All you need to do is place the ingredients in the bread maker, give it two to three hours and let it do its magic.

What Can You Make in a Bread Machine besides Bread?

If you thought that the bread maker machine only made bread well, you might be wrong. It can make different meals since it’s versatile kitchen equipment. 

Here are some things you can make in your bread machine:

Meatloaf – A bread machine can bake bread as well as it can bake meat bread. It works like an oven.

Cake – The bread machine works well in baking cakes. Put all the ingredients in the machine and let it do the magic for you.

Jam – Almost all bread machines have a jam setting button. This button ensures that the ingredients are stirred and put on low heat for hours to make jam.

Yogurt – Some bread machines come with yogurt settings. Yogurt making requires several hours that the bread machine can manage.

Rice  – You can use your bread machine as a rice cooker. Measure your rice, put in enough water, and let it steam.

Soups – Bread machines are excellent in making soup as the process requires medium heat and stir.

What Flour is Best for Bread Machines?

As a beginner in baking, it might be tricky to choose the right type of flour for your bread machine. However, most experienced bakers will agree that there is no specific flour to use. It depends on how you want your bread to come out. Do you love it dense or risen? It all depends on the individual.

Bread flour is what is commonly used in making bread. The flour is rich in protein compared to all-purpose flour. Due to increased protein, the flour will retain its shape better and rise well. If you prefer denser bread, whole wheat flour will work for you.

How Do I Choose a Bread Maker?

Getting the right bread maker for your needs might be a bit confusing. Below are tips to help you get the best new bread machine for your kitchen.

Removable Baking Pan – Before buying a bread machine, check whether it has a removal baking pan as it will make your work easy while cleaning instead of wiping the pan. Check the material of the baking pan. Most of them are made from aluminum.

Size – Check the capacity of the bread machine. It’s good to check on the size of the loaf of bread that the bread maker can handle while baking. You might need to bake for a large group or your small family. 

Storage Size – Most kitchen appliances’ shapes are large and, they require space. Check on the size of the machine and your kitchen counter or whether you have a storage store to keep it safe.

Check Different Settings – An excellent bread maker has several different settings to bake different types of bread. This makes them exciting and multifunctional. If you prefer gluten-free bread, choose one that has a gluten-free button.

Timers – Bread machines that have delay timers are excellent if you would love bread to be ready by a certain time. All you need to do is set the time you want your bread and, you will get it freshly baked.

The Shape of Loaf – You might want to check on the machine and the shape of the loaf it produces. The traditional loaves are vertical but, some make circular loaves. It all depends on the preference of the baker.

Ingredient Adding Feature – Some bread machines have an added ingredient compartment to add fruits and nuts to your bread for more flavor. The machine signals when the ingredients can be added while others can set themselves on when to add.

Viewing Window – A bread machine with a viewing window enables you to view your bread as the process of baking is taking place.

Keep Warm Function – Some bread makers have a keep warm setting to keep your bread warm till you are ready.

External Finishing – There are different colors for bread machines but, most of them either come in black or white. You can pick one that blends well with your kitchen.

Light Indicators – Bread machines with light indicators signal when one process is over and then proceed to the next step.

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What Order Do You Put Ingredients in a Bread Machine?

You have bought your bread machine now what? Well, let’s look at how to pace your ingredients to that perfect bread. As for most bread machines, they will come with their manual. It’s important to read and understand the manual before baking the first time.

  • For most bread machines, put the wet ingredients first like warm water, bread machine yeast and olive oil
  • Add the flour 
  • Add the other dry ingredients: salt, sugar, dry milk powder.
  • Yeast is the last ingredient to be added to prevent it from mixing with water before the kneading cycle starts.

Can You Leave Bread Maker On Overnight?

For excellent results advisable to let your dough rest for 40 minutes, knead it to a good size and place it in the bread maker machine in the bread pan for 2 hours. Leaving it on overnight may be too long and, the bread may come out crusty.

Best Bread Machine Recipes

Here are some of my favorite homemade bread machine recipes you can make in your bread maker this week! Sandwich bread is definitely one of the most popular recipes to make with basic ingredients.

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Bread Recipes

How to Store Bread Machine Bread

When you take that loaf out of the bread maker, it’s not always the easiest thing to figure out how to store it. The bread machine loaf doesn’t fit in a normal-sized ziploc bag, so you are better off with something like this reusable Organic Cotton Bread Bag from Think4Earth.

Can You Leave Bread Maker On Overnight?

It’s advisable to let your dough rest for 40minutes, knead it to a good size and place it in the bread maker machine for 2 hours. Leaving it on overnight may be too long and, the bread may come out crusty.

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