10 Best Homemade Bread Supplies

Don't you love the taste of fluffy homemade bread? It's so much better than store bought in taste, price and health. But there are certain homemade bread supplies that make it so much easier to bake beautiful and delicious artisan breads for your family. Find out what tools work best for your bread recipes - your family will thank you!

10 Essential Tools for Homemade Bread Making

Homemade Bread Supplies

Here's a list of homemade bread supplies I've been accumulating. Some I have and some of them I want but they are all important for making homemade bread!

KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield, 1-Piece

blog homemade bread pouring shieldThe one-piece pouring shield fits onto your mixing bowl to help you add ingredients without making a mess. It also helps keep lightweight ingredients like flour from flying out of the bowl when you’re mixing. The pouring shield is dishwasher safe.

KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield, 1-Piece

KitchenAid KFE5T Flex Edge Beater for Tilt-Head Stand Mixers

blog homemade bread flex edge beater
  • All metal beater for KitchenAid durability with flexible edge that thoroughly scrapes ingredients into the bowl
  • Maintains safe wattage draw
  • Dishwasher Safe

KitchenAid KFE5T Flex Edge Beater for Tilt-Head Stand Mixers

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cloth Cover

blog homemade bread coverDo you feel like no matter what you do you are forever cleaning dust off of your KitchenAid mixer? Here is the answer to that!

    • This stand mixer cover is designed for KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixers
    • 100 % heavyweight quilted cotton with piping
    • Large front pocket for accessories, cookbooks
    • Machine-washable

KitchenAid KMCC1WH Stand Mixer Cloth Cover - White

Bread Loaf Bags

blog homemade bread bags
  • Meets FDA Requirements for use in food applications
  • Includes bread twist ties
  • Made from seamless tubing (LDPE)
  • 15 inch clear bags (size: 6x3x15 inches)
  • 100 prepackaged bags

Bread Loaf Bags Pack of 100 with 100 Free Bread Ties!

Plastic Dough Rising Bucket – Storage Container with Lid

blog homemade bread bucket
  • 3.5 Quart capacity
  • Certified food safe by NSF
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
  • Alton Brown recommends that you allow your dough to rise in a container with straight sides so that you'll be able to tell when it has almost doubled in volume.

Plastic Dough Rising Bucket & Storage Container with Lid

Breadtopia Home Baking Kit - Sourdough Starter

blog homemade bread sourdough starter
  • A package of dry sourdough starter, a clear glass storage jar (blue lid offers a stylish touch) and the famous Danish Dough Whisk.
  • The sourdough starter comes with written instructions for reviving
  • Large mouth wire bale jars are ideal for storing sourdough starter. The Danish Dough Whisk is perfect for stirring the starter and for mixing your bread dough.
  • Jar stores 1½ Quarts. The whisk has an 8 inch handle and 11 1/2" overall length.

Breadtopia Home Baking Kit - Sourdough Starter

Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine, 2-Pound Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Setting

blog homemade bread machine
  • Makes homemade bread without preservatives or trans fats including Gluten Free Bread
  • 12 settings include: French, gluten-free, quick bread, sweet, 1.5-lb express, 2-lb express, dough, jam, cake, whole grain and bake
  • Light, medium or dark crust settings
  • Non-stick pan for easy cleanup in the dishwasher
  • Delay timer lets you add ingredients and begin the baking process later

Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel 1 Pound Loaf Pan

blog homemade bread pan
  • Made in the USA Aluminized Steel 1 Pound Loaf Pan, commercial grade and heavy gauge - measures 8.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 inch
  • Unique corrugated surface design facilitates air circulation for evenly baked goods and quick release
  • Coated with Americoat - a silicone that is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free
  • 65% recycled steel and life-time warranty
  • USA Pan is a Bundy Family Company that has proudly manufactured high quality bakeware and provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel 1 Pound Loaf Pan

Baker's Dry Milk (High-Heat Treated Nonfat)

blog homemade bread dry milk
  • High-heat treated dry milk is a nonfat milk product but it has been produced at higher temperatures to destroy certain enzymes naturally found in milk.
  • These enzymes in milk will degrade the gluten structure in bread dough.
  • It dissolves in the bread as you knead the dough.
  • This heat-treated dry milk, will make your products lighter with a better crumb.

Baker's Dry Milk (High-Heat Treated Nonfat) (12 ounces)

Bamboo Bread Slicer/Cutter Guide for Homemade Bread

blog homemade bread slicer
  • Fully adjustable design fits almost any size loaf.
  • Sliding and adjustable sides can be easily adjusted to fit skinny, wide, short, and long loafs
  • Easily store away when not in use with fold up design

Bamboo Bread Slicer/Cutter Guide for Homemade Bread

The Best Homemade Bread Supplies

Homemade Bread Recipes

healthy homemade bread recipes

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