Best Face Mask and Body Scrub Recipes

Best Face Mask Recipes

Feel like treating yourself to a spa-like experience but wanting to avoid the high prices? If you are, then maybe creating your very own homemade facials, masks, and scrubs can help you get the self-treatment and special ‘you-time’ that you want at a price you can more easily afford.

Did you know that you could use oatmeal, bananas, avocados, and even lemons to make your own homemade spa treatments, facials, masks, scrubs, and more? Well here are just few spa treatments with descriptions and ingredients for the best face masks and scrubs so that you can get some ideas for your next ‘you-time’ spa treat:

  • Banana Face Mask
    You can create a sweet smelling face mask using one mashed banana, orange juice, and honey. This combination will leave your face glowing and feeling smooth.
  • Breakfast Mask
    For this face mask you just need to combine egg yolk, honey, olive oil, and oatmeal. Apply this mixture to your face and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the mixture off and take a look at your smooth and shiny face.
  • Lightening Mask
    best face mask and body scrub recipesFor those who suffer from sunspots, red blotchy skin, or any other uneven blemishes then this lightening mask is for you. Simply combine honey and mashed papaya and apply it to your face for about 20 minutes.
  • Citrus Mask
    Give your face a spa-like glow using honey and orange juice to create a citrusy mask. It will smell good and leave your face feeling good as well.
  • Tightening/Toning Mask
    In need of a tightening and toning type mask? Then beat together one egg white with some juice from a lemon. After you have combined the two ingredients apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse when you are done.
  • Body Scrub
    Make your skin silky smooth by making your own body scrub. Simply combine sea salt with some kind of oil; you could use coconut oil or even vegetable oil. After you have made your scrub, use it all over your body to slough away dead skin, exfoliate, and create a healthy glow and smoothness. Rinse off when you are done and pat yourself dry.
  • Hand Scrub/Softener
    Got some brown sugar in the cupboard? Then you can make your very own hand scrub. Use brown sugar and some kind of oil (coconut oil, baby oil, etc.) to mix together and create your own hand scrub and softener. Apply the mixture to your hands like you would wash your hands normally. Then rinse off and pat dry.
  • Natural Facial
    Go completely natural with this facial of egg white, cucumber, and avocado. Simply make a paste with the above ingredients and apply them to your face and leave until dry. Rinse off and check out your new and revitalized face.

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