Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol

We are all being taught that hand-washing is the best thing against germs and the corona virus. But when we are out in public and we have no access to a sink with soap, this Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Tea Tree Oil and alcohol is the next best thing. Tea tree uses include fighting bacteria and germs and makes an amazing shield against viruses.

homemade hand sanitizer with tea tree oil

How to Make Hand Sanitizer with Tea Tree Oil and Alcohol

The latest on coronavirus (aka covid-19) has caused a panic in most stores and online. It’s almost impossible to get your hands on a bottle of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol since the CDC said to only use hand sanitizer with alcohol.

But – if you know what you are using in the hand sanitizer and how these ingredients work, we can feel confident that our DIY hand sanitizer will do the job against germs and the coronavirus.

Disclaimer: As the CDC recommends, hand washing is most important for corona virus as it cleans off the greasy layer of the virus but in settings where there is no access to hand-washing, a hand sanitizer is acceptable. This hand sanitizer recipe does not include the 60%+ alcohol content that the CDC and other health organizations recommend for hand sanitizer to properly kill coronavirus. A recipe that contains this level of alcohol can be found through the World Health Organization.

homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils and PET blue pump

Facts about Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol

Hand sanitizers may affect your immune system by killing good bacteria which keep disease-causing bacteria at bay. In a 2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control, it was found that healthcare workers who routinely used alcohol-based hand sanitizers were much more likely to get the norovirus or stomach flu.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer with Tea Tree Oil

This homemade hand sanitizer recipe is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and is also good for your skin! The aloe vera and the vitamin E nourishes the skin, keeping it hydrated and clean. The tea tree oil kills off bacteria, while the lavender, sage and lemongrass kill off virus and make it smell wonderful!

I like to use witch hazel in this recipe which contains 16% alcohol rather than using isopropyl alcohol which is a harmful and unnecessary ingredient used in many skin care products. As you can see in the photos and video, my hands are already super dry thanks to the harsh New England winter cold! So I really don’t want to add more drying ingredients to my hand sanitizer.

ingredients in hand sanitizer recipe

What are the Ingredients in this Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe?

Witch Hazel with AlcoholSome studies indicate that witch hazel may be beneficial in fighting certain types of viral infections.

One test-tube study, for example, found that the tannins in witch hazel exhibited antiviral effects against both influenza A

Lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and also works as an antiseptic which can help cleanse the skin.

sage essential oil

Sage Essential Oil has been shown to be active against severe acute respiratory coronavirus SARS-CoV.

Tea Tree Oil has antifugal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

Lemongrass Oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Aloe vera gel
Known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties and does double duty as a skin moisturizer.

Vitamin E
Moisturizer and natural preservative to help keep mixture fresh.

hand sanitizer ingredients out on counter

hand sanitizer ingredients with funnel for PET blue container

Homemade Hand Sanitizer with Tea Tree Oil



  1. In a metal or glass bowl, mix the oils together.
  2. Add witch hazel and mix again
  3. Add aloe vera and mix to combine.
  4. Using a funnel, which sometimes comes with the bottles, pour the mixture into two 4oz or one 8oz bottle. Use a dark bottle to keep the essential oils from drying up.
  5. Shake gently before using.
  6. Use within 6 months

homemade hand sanitizer with witch hazel

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  1. Does witch hazel contain alcohol or is this a mixture you make? I’ve never heard of witch hazel with alcohol?
    Thank you for all the great info and recipes!

    1. HI Traci – So witch hazel does contain some alcohol but not as much as needed per the CDC for coronavirus, which is why I amended the recipe to include isopropyl alcohol instead of witch hazel. Normally the essential oils of tea tree and sage would kill the virus, but I can’t state that on my blog.

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