Homemade Mini Greenhouses

It’s seeding season around here in New England and we have been putting aside our recycling to start our plants for some container gardening! I never really had much luck with seeds in pots, then I realized the necessity of greenhouses. Duh. But obviously not everyone has the space for a 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, but you can certainly make some space to fashion a DIY greenhouse that has the same science behind it.

DIY Greenhouse: Homemade Mini Containers for Seeds

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When you start your seeding, make sure to reference the Spring Planting Guide that also has a great printable of what to plant outside and when to do it. You will need the following to start seeding:

    • Seed Starting Soil: You need a really good quality growing medium. When planting seeds, you need to start with a sterile, soil-free mix like Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix. There are several good bagged products that are composed of sphagnum peat and perlite. Garden soil is far too heavy and contains pathogens that can result in poor health or death for your seedlings. Potting soil can also contain pathogens and can also be too heavy or contain items like sticks and pebbles. Some even contain chemicals that inhibit germination.
    • Misting Bottle and Watering Can: You have to be so careful of how much water your seeds get in the beginning. If the water is too heavy, your seeds will float away. Your best option is to mist each container well. Once your plants have developed roots, a regular watering will be great.
    • Plant Markers: You’ll need to keep track of what you planted; wooden plant markers or tags are the best option for this purpose.
    • Containers for Transplants: If you are growing large plants like tomatoes, you will need to repot them up in larger containers before they’re ready to plant outside.
    • Fish Emulsion: Your plants will need to be fertilized when they start growing leaves. If you use the soil-less mix I mentioned above, you will want to water your seedlings with fish emulsion every other week, as the soil-less mix doesn’t offer any nourishment.
  • You may want to opt for a heat mat for heat-loving seedlings like peppers and eggplants, but it’s not absolutely necessary.


These are made out of 2 liter bottles using eggshells to plant directly into the ground when ready.

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DIY Greenhouse: Homemade Mini Containers for Seeds
Punch holes in the bottom of the egg cups. Then, turn it upside-down and put some water in the container. Next, fill full of Coir (green alternative to peat) and little tomato seeds. Use the already hinged egg cups as the new top – labels on the top of those, and your done!

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I just had to include this awesome idea for a DIY greenhouse PLUS birdfeeder!

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Here are some links to some other really great DIY greenhouses using recyclables!

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What are you growing this spring? Will you start your own greenhouse with recyclables?

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  1. I want an herb garden, but I want something easy. I do not have a knack for growing/keeping plants. It needs to be simple. I may try recycling a plastic bottle for this purpose. This is good info.

  2. What wonderful ideas! Like you, I haven’t had much luck with planting from seeds (other than green beans) so I am in awe and love with these!

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