How Does Lavender Repel Wasps?

Do you get nervous when you see wasps flying around your yard or garden? There are many types of wasp repellent tips you might want to know does lavender repel wasps?. I love adding lavender to my herb garden and if it helps keep away those wasps it’s a bonus!

Does Lavender Repel Wasps?

We actually do need wasps, as mean as they are. They eat pests that munch on our crops when no other bug will. That’s amazing actually! I’d much rather have wasps do the job than pesticides! But I don’t want those wasps flying around when we are eating outside or playing with our kids. They are especially scary for those allergic to wasps.

Wasps are not only a nuisance they can also be incredibly dangerous, especially because of diseases they can carry, and also because they can trigger an allergic reaction. There are plenty of commercially available insect repellents but not only do they kill the insects they can also be very toxic and dangerous to humans. Natural solutions like lavender are much kinder to both you and the environment.

Lavender is arguably the most popular essential oil and it actually works great as an insect repellent! A study has shown that it’s insect repelling properties are comparable to those of DEET, which is a very strong and dangerous pesticide often used in bug sprays and lotions. This chemical doesn’t just repel animals, it can seriously hurt or even kill birds, fishes, and of course even beneficial insects. On top of long term effects, this chemical can also cause acute rashes, eye, and nasal irritation. So, in practically every way lavender oil is a much safer choice that is also effective.

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Unlike the colorful and fragrant lavender plant, lavender essential oil actually repels wasps. The active ingredient linalool is what keeps all sorts of bugs away, including but not limited to fleas, fruit flies, wasps, and even bed bugs which are notoriously hard to get rid of.

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You can either create your own mix by adding lavender essential oil to a carrier oil and perhaps adding other beneficial essential oils. Or you could buy a premade mix that already has all the best and most effective essential oils included. Either way this solution is much gentler and often more affordable than buying toxic bug sprays.

You can use it in your diffuser to keep the bugs away from your home or simply apply it directly on your skin. If you want to use it in a spray form, always mix it with a carrier oil and optionally other bug repelling essential oils, such as citronella (which is made from various species of lemongrass) essential oil, peppermint essential oil, or the potent tea tree oil.

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And last but not least, if a bug somehow manages to get a bit too close for comfort, lavender’s wonderful analgesic and anti inflammatory properties will soothe your skin. The itching will be less frustrating, the swelling will disappear faster, the bump will be less painful, all of which will lower the chances of it becoming infected.

Not only is lavender a much more animal and human friendly ingredient, it also smells incredible. It is gentle, moisturizing, has mood balancing properties, so truly it is one of the most versatile and all-around beneficial essential oils that also happens to be a great insect repellent.

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