How to Boost Energy by Decluttering

Do you feel tired and discouraged when you see clutter in your home? Often looking at a mess can cause feelings of despair. By learning these tips for decluttering your life and home you can boost energy levels during the day and sleep better at night.

how to boost energy by decluttering

How to Boost Energy by Decluttering and Organizing

When you feel physically and mentally drained, it might actually be from having a disorganized home and work environment. There are scientific studies that clutter causes mental stress because it creates negative energy in your office or home, but having stuff piled around your home is also physically dangerous due to the risk of
injury. Here are some of the benefits from organizing to give you more energy.

organize papers mortgage and home

Save Time Finding Important Documents

If you are like me, it can take several hours and wasted time trying to find things when you need them. It’s such a poor way of organizing not having everything in one place.

All of your important documents should be located in one filing system, and you should also have your children’s documents organized. We do have our children’s documents in a fireproof container but that’s it. It’s important to have everything together.

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Getting Ready for Your Day

By organizing the closets in your home, you can get ready for your day quickly. My closet is normally a sea of clothing because I haven’t organized it yet. I spend so much time looking for clothing each morning and evening and it’s so exhausting.

It’s so helpful to get rid of old clothing, even though it can take awhile to do it. Getting dressed quickly in the morning or for an event later in the day can boost energy and make you feel good not having to search all over for something.

Cleaning Faster

If your home is cluttered and unorganized, then dusting, mopping and vacuuming can take a long time to complete. However, when your home is organized, you can complete your household chores as fast as possible. Rather than feeling depressed about spending an entire day cleaning your home, you will feel energized because you can sanitize everything in only a few hours.

when your environment is clean you feel happy motivated and healthy

You Can Lose Weight with an Organized Home

Yes that’s right! You know that depressing feeling when your home is messy and cluttered? Well when it’s clean and organized you feel better and have more energy to actually exercise. Also, when your kitchen is clean and more organized, it is easier for you to prepare healthy recipes rather than eating snacks and chips or going to a restaurant for meals.

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Decluttering Can Make You More Productive at Work

When you have a messy desk or work area at your job, it can drain the energy from you before you begin your day when you have to find space to set down your morning coffee or tea and your belongings. Organize your work things by getting rid of excess papers, broken tools and outdated items.

At the end of each day before going home, remove the clutter from the area so that when you arrive the next day, you can begin working in a clean place, giving you a huge boost of energy.

It’s not always easy, believe me. I struggle with clutter all the time and have struggled all my life. But when my living area is clutter free I feel more energized and healthy.

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