How to Calm Anxiety

Living with anxiety is almost indescribable and sometimes you don’t even know what triggers your anxiety until you hit rock bottom.

How to Calm Anxiety

It may be some person or the work you do that makes you anxious but it’s really important to hold yourself together when you get an anxiety attack.

I can feel how difficult it must be for you to keep things inside your head and always feel like it’s going to burst anytime soon. However, instead of feeling weak or having other thoughts, I would highly suggest that you follow these mindful tips to help yourself during such a period.

(I’m not a licensed therapist so please contact one in case you have elevated symptoms)

1. Be with someone who loves you

Anxiety can be totally worse and can even lead you in some weird assumptions. Sometimes you start imagining the scenarios that aren’t actually real. Hence, being with your loved ones during such a difficult time will help you stay in the present and keep you grounded. They can provide you the much needed emotional support.

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2. Start journaling

I would never stop appreciating the art of journaling. Even therapists suggest having a regular journaling practice to make some space inside your head.

Getting things on the paper is super relaxing and this mode of therapy is usually the best if you’re an introvert and don’t like sharing your feelings with others.

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3. Get some nature’s therapy

Spending time in nature by having a small walk in the woods or spending an afternoon by the riverside is super blissful. You can totally feel the beauty of nature, the calm and peace in surroundings. This will make you look at the bigger picture beyond your anxious thoughts. Go out for a morning walk or take your pet along with you, this is the best way to grab some fresh air and experience the joy of being in the greens.

4. Talk about your anxiety

You surely don’t have to suffer alone. It’s okay to ask for help or talk about your anxious thoughts with your partner or someone you trust. Having emotional support during such a difficult time is a blessing. They may not be always able to provide you the solution but will definitely lend an ear.

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5. Practice mindful eating

There are various foods that help you to boost ‘feel-good’ hormones in your body. Create a balanced diet chart and include more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet.

Eat more of homemade, freshly cooked food instead of grabbing comfort or fast food. An empty stomach will only make you miserable. Instead, create a schedule and eat healthy always.

6. Practice self-care

Take some time from your busy schedule and practice self-care. Having even 10 mins for nourishing your soul, mind, and body is enough to help you with your anxious thoughts.

Self-care doesn’t always have to be expensive. Simply having some time for yourself and spending it doing something you love will help you with your anxiety.

7. Seek professional help

There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help when things get worse. Going to therapy is as normal as going for some physical check-up. Sometimes, these natural remedies work while the other times they don’t hence it’s highly advisable to seek some help from mental health professionals without attaching shame to it.

Anxiety can really get worse at times but I hope that these tips help you stay calm and if everything fails, do seek some professional help.

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