How to Get Rid of Moths

We all see moths outside at night when it’s warm out but have you ever had a moth infestation in your home? Find out how to manage this and use natural pest control to get rid of them and keep your home free of moths.

how to get rid of moths in the house

Many people have dealt with the nuisances that are known as moths. Moths are a pain to deal with, and tend to be destructive creatures. However, there are steps you can take when you discover a moth infestation to get rid of moths. Here what to do in order to reclaim your home from these pesky critters.

Understanding Moths

Becoming familiar with moths and learning their habits is essential if you are going to effectively eliminate them from your home. Moths love the dark and avoid light. Interestingly enough, adult clothes moths are not the ones who damage clothes – it’s their larvae which leave the damage and destruction. Because clothes moths tend to lay low, flying moths are generally the variety seeking flours and grains to infest.

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What Kind of Damage Do They Do?

Moths destroy various items in your home, depending on their variety. If you are dealing with clothes moths, their larvae will ruin clothing. Carpets are another favorite destination for moths. The kind you find in your pantry will destroy edible goods such as flour and grains.

Recognizing an Infestation

Damaged knitwear is a sure sign that you may be dealing with a moth infestation. Carpet destroyed by these creatures is another way you will be alerted to an issue. The discovery of moth eggs in the corners of drawers and wardrobes can also clue you in. Food moths are often discovered simply because they are found flying around.

How to Prevent Moths

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep moth infestations from happening by not even allowing them into your home to begin with. Keep your home clean, and vacuum often as this can eliminate eggs and larvae that have been distributed there.

If you are planning to store clothing for long periods of time, be sure to wash and launder them first before packing them up. Sweat and small particles of food will attract moths, and a good washing will prevent this, as well as preventing the possibility of storing an item that may already have moth larvae on it.

The use of certain essential oils can repel moths. Lavender is one such oil that will encourage moths to stay far away. You can put several drops onto a sachet and deposit it into your drawers, or mix several drops in a bottle with water and spritz your home regularly.

How to Get Rid of Moths Quickly

Once you are sure you have a moth infestation, you need to take quick action. Sprays can be bought for moth infestation in carpets. Clean the area thoroughly to avoid missing eggs and larvae that could become problematic later on. Freezing is a great chemical-free way to get rid of moths from clothing and other small items. Wash your clothing and other washable items in the washing machine, and dry them on the hot setting if possible.

For pantry moths, also known as Indian meal moths, get rid of all affected food items. Scrub the pantry with soap, hot water and bleach. Clean every shelf and container in the area.

Moths are unsightly pests. There are various ways to destroy their home before they destroy yours. Use these ideas to get rid of moths today.

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