How to Keep Wasps Away from Wood Deck

Are you tired of tiny wood-eating beasts? Learn How to Keep Wasps Away from Wood Deck with different ways to stop wasps and hornets from ruining your garden furniture. These strategies also help with natural wasp repellent as it keeps them away.

How to Keep Wasps Away from Wood Deck

Found some grey lines emerged on your wooden furniture? Not sure of why they are there, or perhaps you happened to know where they’ve come from wasps!

Generally, wasps are out-of-door trouble but wait; Summer is going on! A period when not just exterior but also interiors are in problem. 

How can you stop wasps from eating wood garden furniture?

Wasps might not deface your furniture as they remove a thin layer of the furniture. But still, the scarring gives away an unsightly look which you would, of course, not want to have.

Hence, we’ve combined some of the best ways that can be applied to keep your furniture neat and nice.

Keeping the Wasps Away Naturally

Natural ways are always best to be undertaken, for they don’t leave any side effects. Take a few oranges and cloves and insert these cloves into the oranges. Now keep it near the surface of the wood. Merge it with Fabric Softener scent, and you won’t be seeing wasp damaging your furniture. 

Take a soap bar from the bathroom and rub it underneath the wood liberally. It should keep the wasps off of furniture. Just be assured not to use that same soap bar to bathe with.

What Smells Do Wasps Hate?

Using a smell that wasps usually dislike is one way to keep the wasps away from ruining your furniture. Wasps tend to hate aromas of wormwood, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus. You can use these smells in the following ways:

Eucalyptus: Dab the oil of eucalyptus around the table, chair, or any other piece of furniture.

Wormwood: If you do own a wormwood plant (most of us don’t because it’s poisonous), then dried cutting can help drive the wasps away. 

Peppermint oil: Combine 4 cups of water with a tablespoon of peppermint oil, and strong repellent spray is ready. The scented spray will remove the wasps from their nests.

What Can I Spray on Wood to Keep the Wasps Away?

Want to spray magic on wood that could remove the wasps right away? 

No worries, we’ve got you!

Take a liquid hand soap and some water to combine both things and put them into a spray bottle. And yes, you are done! This spray will help to repel the wasp from an area. Keep the spray bottle in hand and shower it wherever you see the wasp. 

Another wasp removing spray is the commercial wasp killer. It would be finest if you sprayed it at night because this is when the insects are dormant. When you notice all the wasps have been killed, take a long stick to knock their nest into a garbage bag and dispose of it immediately.

How Do You Keep Wasps Off Wood Furniture?

Never let the wasps stick on your wooden furniture, remove them as soon as possible, or else they are going to ruin your furniture. One such way is to put one part of menthol, one part of eucalyptus oil (smell disliked by wasps), and one part of citronella together in some container. 

Firstly, try the mix on a less obvious, tiny place on the wood to govern if it discolors the surface. If the effects are not undesirable, scatter the mixture over the entire surface of the wood.

This recipe will, again, repel the wasps from staying on the wood. 

There are many ways out there that can help you ward off the wasps from ruining your furniture. Some of the best methods are also discussed in this article; you can apply the most convenient ones to you (all the ways are compelling, though!)

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