How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

In some places spring has arrived. In others, the calendar may say spring but it still feels very much like winter. Regardless of where you live, the warm weather is coming and you probably want to know How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring and learn some home and gardening tips.

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

With springtime coming, it’s time to start your garden preparation. Preparing your garden for spring can be pretty overwhelming with all of the articles out there that give so many things to do. When you look at it all, there are a few very important pieces to the list that will go a long way for your garden. Here are some ideas for How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring.

Clean up!

The first step to get your garden prepped for springtime planting is to clean it up. If you haven’t already, you should clear out old leaves and debris from your planting area. This is a fairly simple and easy way to get ready for plants. Make sure to clean your gardening tools too, they deserve some TLC before planting time.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Soil

Soil prepping

After frost danger has passed it’s time to get your soil prepared and ready. If you are breaking up and loosening your soil or removing any rocks, make sure the soil is dry first. It makes sifting through the dirt a lot easier. To prepare soil you should make sure there aren’t too many big rocks in it and that the soil is fairly loose. An important soil prep factor is making sure the soil is fertilized well. You can do this with organic matter or fertilizer, but if you have compost it is definitely a lot cheaper than buying fertilized soil to mix in.

Growing seeds with Kids


If you want to get a head start on planting, start some seeds indoors in small containers a few weeks before the frost is expected to end. This way you can monitor their early stages of growth and have seedlings ready to plant when spring planting season comes around. There are all kinds of upcycling articles that have really neat ideas for plant holders. Some include old yogurt containers, egg shells, egg cartons, and plenty more. You don’t have to go out and buy plant pots to start your seedlings.


Composting is a good and inexpensive habit to get into. A compost area can be fairly small to a large bin, and you can leave it outside in warmer weather. Not only does composting give cheap and helpful fertilizer for your plant soil, it helps reduce your garbage amount too. A simple compost set up and remembering to put your food leftovers like fruit peels into the bin can go a long way. It wouldn’t hurt to try!

Although this was only a few tips for your garden, they can go a long way when you start spring planting.

Container Gardening with Kids
Container Gardening with Kids

Garden Planner: Spring Planting Guide
Garden Planner: Spring Planting Guide

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