Indian Home Remedies for Kids Constipation

Mostly constipation is a hilarious and funny subject for us but we know it is actually a painful feeling. Especially when it comes to your little one, you don’t want to see your child suffering. Here are some good Indian Home Remedies for Constipation in Toddlers that will help ease their discomfort. Home Remedies for Constipation are often the most effective as well as the gentlest.

Indian Home Remedies for Constipation in Toddlers

 I have a kid in my family born with constipation problems and constipation cause lots of trouble for him. 

Mostly constipation is a temporary problem and not a serious issue but sometimes it goes serious. 

Sometimes it generates many other health problems too, in your child like fever, blood in the stool, stomachache, abdomen pain, weight loss, lack of interest in eating, dullness, rectal prolapsed, painful bowel movement bloating and cramping, etc.  

According to experts, if constipation stays 2 weeks in a child or has pain and blood during stool in your child, you should visit a doctor. However, is it serious or temporary constipation? It is dreadful for every child. 

In constipation, a child feels difficulty passing stool, pain in abdomen and stomach, dry, hard, lumpy, or bloody stool, gas, hard stomach, abdominal swelling and heaviness in intestine or rectum.

belly pain constipation in toddlers and kids

What Causes Constipation in Kids?

We always discuss the causes of constipation in children and there are multiple reasons for it.

One of them is a lack of activity. You know how important it is for your child to stay active. Lack of activeness is a major cause of many health problems, including constipation. A mother should keep an eye on her child’s activities. Sometimes, Lack of activeness may come from other health issues. If a kid is not active, then you should find a reason for it. 

Another main cause of constipation is a poor lifestyle and poor eating habits. I also include your parenting style. Suppose you have a poor living style habits like late breakfast, late feeding to your child, delay in sleeping, lack of activeness, poor or unhygienic eating style, poor diet, eating fast,  too much eating, drinking less water, skipping exercise and non-seriousness toward your life and health. Then how could you imagine that all this will not affect your child and will not become habitual of all this?  

If you are feeding him late, then eating late breakfast will become a habit if you can’t give proper attention to your kid and giving snacks instead of proper and healthy meal to your child most of the time.

Even a child will develop taste buds for snacks, not for fruits and vegetables.  Other causes of constipation include medication, holding stool, diet or routine change, early toilet training, do not know the necessity of using the toilet, family history, food allergies, skipping the meal and drinking less fluid.

Signs and symptoms of constipation in children may include:

  • Less than three bowel movements a week
  • Bowel movements that are hard, dry and difficult to pass
  • Pain while having a bowel movement
  • Stomach pain
  • Traces of liquid or pasty stool in your child’s underwear — a sign that stool is backed up in the rectum
  • Blood on the surface of hard stool

What can I give my child for constipation?

The best way to treat constipation is to prevent its causes. Here, we discuss many Indian home remedies for constipation in toddlers and a few dietary options that will help.

  1. If your child is having constipation again and again, then you should switch to high fiber food. Apples, pears, peas, grains, prunes, beans, bananas and green leafy food effectively reduce constipation.
  2. Make a balance in your meal plan; do not offer snacks, commercial and processed food to your child.
  3. Add smashed banana in yogurt and give them to eat. It is also useful in all types of stomachache and loose motions.
  4. As an instant remedy, give hot milk with Psyllium husk to drink to your child.
  5. In case of swelling, let him sit in warm water for a little time.
  6. avoid sodas and tea
  7. Drink plenty of water, fruits and vegetable juices but avoid milkshakes 
  8. Warm soups also a good option for constipation, especially bean, broccoli and spinach soup 
  9. Use whole-wheat bread.
  10. Drink a little amount of olive oil.

What is a natural laxative for a child?

Laxatives are substances that help to soften the stool and bowel movement. Some laxatives are quite effective for constipation. Some of them do not have any side effects but few laxatives can have minor side effects.

Do not use Laxatives regularly and on long term basics. They can affect your child’s immune system too. Before using any laxatives, take other healthy measurements. We have already discussed it.

Only use them when your child is in great pain. In other cases, visit your doctor.

  1. Castor oil
    Many people do not know about it but it is a natural laxative. It will help your child to poo. Only use minor quantity. As a side effect, it may cause loose motions. So, do not use it too much and regularly.
  2. Lactulose
    The recommended age is 5 or more than 5 years. Only a minor quantity will be enough. Lactulose comes in the form of bitter and sweet syrup. It will make poo softer. Swelling, irritation, diarrhea, vomiting, stomachache and gas are common side effects of Lactulose.
  3. Simethicone
    Simethicone is available with a combination of other medicines. It can use for babies. Mostly it is useful for gas and bloating but it can also use for constipation and diarrhea.  It comes in different types and reads CMI first. It comes in the form of tablets, drops and liquid.
  4. Senna
    It reduces the difficulty in passing stool. It is made from a plant. Children under 6 or more than 6 years can take them. It comes in the form of syrup and tablets and does not take it more than 1 weak.

    Some minor side effects of Senna are diarrhea, cramps and change in urine color. Some serious side effects include skin rash, itchy and redness.

Constipation can be a really bad experience for children. Healthy eating habits can solve the problem of constipation. If your child is on breastfeeding, it can go without pooping for 2 weeks. So, in this situation, do not worry. Before taking any laxatives and going to the doctor, kindly try the already mentioned home remedies that will certainly help you.

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