Indian Home Remedies for Teething Babies

Is your little one suffering from teething? Here are some Indian Home Remedies for Teething Babies that will soothe and relieve your child’s pain naturally. Indian Home Remedies are helpful in relieving many ailments naturally.

indian home remedies for teething babies

Indian Home Remedies for Teething Babies

Ayurveda is the world’s most ancient medical science hailing from India. This system of medicine was developed around 5000 years ago backed by intense research. It is subdivided into eight major branches known as “Ashtanga Ayurveda”. Dental health is elaborated very well under the ‘Shalakya tantra’ branch. Also, ‘Kashyap Samhita’ – a classical book on pediatrics elaborated about teething in Ayurveda. Here are 5 Indian Home Remedies for Teething Babies.

What is Teething?

Baby teething is one of the crucial time in infancy for babies and their parents both, during which the primary teeth erupts from the gums. Teething, being an excruciating process, your little ones have to suffer a lot during this time. Primary teeth usually start developing when the baby is six to eight months old. The first tooth eruption is most painful because of Vata dominance. Parents should take utmost care of the baby during this time.

Teething is a natural process that disturbs Vata and other Doshas.

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Here are some signs and symptoms of teething:

  • Gum may appear tender, swollen, or red where the new tooth is about to erupt.
  • The sleeping pattern of the baby may get disturbed.
  • Cheek may appear swollen or reddish on the teething side.
  • The tendency to chew things may develop during the teething phase.
  • Indigestions problem may appear leading to diarrhea.
  • A mild rise in temperature.
  • Drooling and increased salivation.
  • The baby may cry in pain for no external reason.

However, other serious issues such as intense diarrhea should not be misunderstood with the teething process. Parents should consult their respective pediatric consultant in such cases.

Indian Home Remedies for Baby Teething Pain

Ayurveda has emphasized very much on oral health and hygiene. In this article, we will discuss how you can soothe your little one during the teething process using natural Ayurveda remedies. The remedies described here will help you to treat your baby holistically during the teething process.

  1. Gum massage for teething babies

According to Ayurveda, teething is a Vata experience. Thus, Vata-pacifying remedies are advised for it. Massaging with oils helps in pacifying Vata Dosha and thus decreases the cutting pain. The following oils should be used to massage the baby’s gums:

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains lots of anti-inflammatory active principles. Applying coconut oil on the gums can help to soothe your baby’s gums and help to reduce redness and swellings. Coconut oil also helps in nourishing the baby’s gums and provides moisture to the oral cavity. You should try to avoid teething gels as they contain chemicals that may be harmful to your little one.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before applying coconut oil to your baby’s gums.
  • After that, take virgin coconut oil and gently massage that around the baby’s gums using your fingers 2- 3 times a day.

This will also help to reduce the tingling sensation.

3. Clove oil

Clove is also one of the anti-inflammatory herb described in Ayurveda. You can find Clove oil at any Ayurveda or Herbal shop nearby. It also contains anti-fungal properties, which help to reduce swelling as well as protect the oral cavity from fungal infections such as candidiasis.

  • Take 2 drops of clove oil and mix it with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • Apply and massage the mixture on the gums of your baby using your finger.

Clove oil will reduce the swelling while the nourishing nature of coconut oil will pacify the Vata Dosha and thus decreasing the teething pain.

4. Honey

Honey mixed with Amalaki (Indian gooseberry) powder and Pippali (Long pepper) powder can be applied on gums in case of excessive swelling. Honey acts as a catalyst as per Ayurveda. It increases the medicinal properties of the herbs it is used with. Long pepper and gooseberry are well-known anti-inflammatory herbs in Ayurveda. This mixture will help to pacify the Vata Dosha and will soothe your little one’s gums.

5. Yashtimadhu (Licorice root) for teething babies

Yashtimadhu or licorice is one of the most important herbs used in Ayurveda for pain management. The root of Yashtimadhu contains lots of beneficial phytoconstituents which help to alleviate pain and reduce swelling. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, a piece of Yashtimadhu root can be to baby for chewing. However, utmost care should be taken during this as babies may swallow pieces of Yashtimadhu which may lead to choking.

6. Neem teether for teething babies

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) is a well-known Ayurvedic herb having a wide range of therapeutic purposes. Neem contains anti-microbial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Teethers made up of neem wood should be preferred for babies. They are readily available online as well as in the local market, and they should be your first choice when you are looking for a teether. The active ingredients released during chewing will help to alleviate the pain and will soothe your baby’s gums. It will also help to prevent intestinal worms and discomfort. 

7. Vacha Bracelet for teething babies

Vacha (Acorus Calamus) is a semi-aquatic perennial herb mainly used for stomach and oral issues due to its anti-microbial properties. It is also known as a Sweet flag. A bracelet can be made from the Sweet flag and can be tied on the wrists of the teething baby. Teething babies usually tend to bite things around them. Biting the bracelet will help your baby to prevent abdominal problems.

  • Take a big piece of Sweet flag and soak it in water overnight.
  • Cut the piece into small circular pieces and insert them into a cotton thread.
  • Dry the bracelet under sunlight and tie it on your baby’s wrist.

8. Other Ayurvedic Remedies for Teething Babies

One must always know that teething is a crucial phase. One should take utmost care of the baby during the baby’s teething period. The following points should be kept in mind:

  • Digestive strength is most important during this period. Avoid over-feeding the baby as the digestive strength is already altered during this phase.
  • The excessive feeding part should be replaced with water. Water nourishes the baby and nullifies the effects of Vata Dosha.
  • Chewable food items should be given to baby so that it aids in jaw development.
  • Mild water infusion such as dry grape (Raisin) infusion should be given.
  • Drooling is increased during teething, therefore the face should be cleaned timely.

Teething can be one of the most excruciating phases of infancy. Usage of chemical-based gels and oils should be strongly avoided on your little ones. Parents should follow the holistic approach to soothe their baby during this phase. However, one must always consult a pediatric consultant if the condition is worsened.

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