Indian Home Remedies for Throat Infections

No matter what time of year it is, you can get an infection in your throat. It can be tricky to deal with and often Indian Home Remedies for Throat Infections are the best way to go.

Indian Home Remedies for Throat Infections

A throat infection can destroy your all-day activities and if it stays for days. In that case, you know better. How does a sore throat feel?

Feeling of scratchy sensation, pain, pain during swelling in the throat, swollen glands or neck, and voice change are common throat infection symptoms.

Symptoms in worse situations are fever, difficulty in breathing, runny nose, phlegm (mucus), headache and pain in the ears.

Ayurved is the oldest and safe way of medication. Herbal medication began with the arrival of the first man Adam on earth. It is base on natural products that are not harmful, like other medicines. Herbal medication is used almost everywhere in the world. Ayurved is an Indian name for natural medicines, but it has different names in different corners of the world like herbal medicines, phytomedicine or phytotherapy, Holy medicines, naturopathic medicine, Ilm E Tib, Hikmat, tib-e-Nabwi, and herbalist. 

You can witness natural ways of herbal medication in every corner and continent of the world with its specifications. Even some civilizations have more great, effective and old knowledge of herbs than Ayurveda.

Gargling with Warm Water

We all know the benefits of gargling and there is no doubt gargling is the best remedy. It not only cures your bad throat but it also protects. While you have a bad throat, add a little bit of salt to your warm water and after that, use it for gargling. 

Gargles give you the best relief for swollen throats, itchiness, irritation and swollen gums. If you have the worst situation, then add aspirin in salted warm water too and use this solution thrice or twice for gargling. You can judge improvement in your situation within one day.

If you do not have natural aspirin, then you can use an aspirin tablet instead of it.

Use Honey

Honey is liquid gold. Honey can cure almost all diseases. You just need to know how to use it for different diseases. If you have irritation, dryness and bacterial infection in the throat, use it. It is the best inner wound healer.

Honey can use differently according to the throat infection. You can drink honey in lukewarm water. You can use it raw or can use it with salt.

Vitamin C

Deficiency of vitamin C is also a cause of throat infection but this type of throat infection is not common. 

Mostly. This type of throat infection happened when you have another disease, too, like diabetes. In this situation, use lemon water, honey and eating oranges are quite effective remedies. You can use other sources of vitamin C too.


Munakka or monakka is dried fruit. It is a kind of dry raisin black or dark in color in big size with a seed. If you cannot find it, then you can use dried regular raisins. But it is better if you find munakka. Munakka tea will reduce dryness, dry cough, inflammation and other respiration problems. It will also reduce phlegm.


Tea is quite effective for mild throat infection. If you have sore throats, drink a cup of tea.  Tea will soothe your throat, help to reduce phlegm, help with headache and pain in the throats. 

You can use green tea or regular tea but if you have an infection due to dryness, do not drink tea, especially green tea.


There is nothing bad like a bad sore throat. Steam is the best remedy for mild and worsens bad throats. Suppose you are having trouble breathing, talking and lots of pain. Steam is also effective against swelling and mucus. 

Fill a bowl with hot water and inhale the steam. In worsen situations, include a balm in hot water and inhale the steam. You can use any natural or any regular balm.

Kaddu Gargles

It is a kind of zucchini round in shape with soft light green skin. When you feel difficulty in swelling anything like food, boil around Zucchini in water and gargle with this water. If your throats are bleeding in that case, you can use it. 

Avoid Oil and Yogurt

When you have a sore throat, you need to avoid some things for your health. Kindly do not eat fried things and extra oily products. Whatever you use instead of oil, ghee, butter, margin, etc., avoid all of these. Also, stay away from yogurt, cream, snacks, cold and sour eatables. Avoid the food of stalls and market food too.

All of these remedies are effective for different kinds of throat infection, whether it is caused by a cold, another disease, bacterial infection, pollution, dryness, allergy, smoke and chemicals. 

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