Indian Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Have you ever suffered from a toothache? It’s not easy to take care of the pain with it being in your mouth. This is where Indian Home Remedies for Tooth Pain will help as these remedies use natural strategies to relieve the pain not just cover it up.

indian home remedies for tooth pain

Indian Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

According to Ayurveda (Indian Home Remedies), the tooth forms from the body metabolism. Therefore the real health of teeth also emerges from the internal physiology of the body and not outside. 

And the core of the body metabolism is the digestive system. The digestive system is the entrance to everything that comes to the body, whether it is health or disease. 

And therefore, whether it is blinding white teeth or toothache, both are deeply related to the digestive system. Therefore, contrary to modern medicine, Ayurveda suggests that the first and permanent remedy for toothache comes from the correction in diet and lifestyle. 

So, for the long term benefits of Ayurvedic herbal remedies for toothache, please correct your diet and lifestyle, because it is not true only for the mind. Healthy teeth also stay in a healthy body!

Basics of Ayurvedic Remedies for Toothache 

The Ayurvedic remedies for toothache do not focus on the tooth cavity. Instead, most of them are applied on the gums. Most of them are aromatic oils and have a very high rate of absorption. Besides, the remedy must reach the deep nerves inside the tooth cavity. It is critical to effectively reduce pain. 

Therefore gum massage is the crucial factor for tooth pain relief. If you fail to massage the gums and just apply the remedy externally, then you might experience only temporary and mild relief. 

Ayurvedic Indian Home Remedies for Toothache 

Clove Oil

The primary and most easily accessible classical remedy for a toothache is clove oil. However, few people know about the right method to apply it. And therefore, in most cases, they fail to receive the full benefits.

  • Slightly warm the mustard oil. Add some salt (pink salt preferred) to it and gently massage the gums for 5-10 min. This step will enhance the blood circulation and nervous receptivity in the tooth cavity. It will also help to reduce the pain up to 20-30%! 
  • Apply some clove oil on your fingers and gently massage the affected gum area. 
  • Apply clove oil in a cotton swab and keep it on the affected part. Ensure that the oil reaches the cavity or the painful area. 

Coconut Oil

Mouth pulling has become a very famous practice. However, another Ayurvedic procedure mouth-filling (Gandush) is more useful in the case of a tooth ache. For Gandush, you fill the mouth with oil or suitable Ayurvedic decoction and keep it for 30-45 min. Ideally, visit an Ayurvedic physician for personalized advice. However, you can safely use the following oils – 

  • All body types – Sesame oil
  • Vata Body Type – almond oil/castor oil mixed with sesame oil
  • pitta body type – coconut oil
  • Kapha body type – Sesame oil

Gandush Procedure for beginners 

  • Gently massage your cheeks for 2-3 min with the palms. 
  • Fill your mouth with slightly warm oil. 
  • Keep the oil in the mouth. (You can keep doing your work, watch a movie or even meditate while doing gandush!) 
  • Spit out the entire fluid after 45 min. 
  • Initially, it might be difficult. So, start with 5 min and gradually increase the time. 

With this simple remedy, some people have reported avoiding root canal surgeries, with permanent relief, including me!

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