Kaolin Clay Bath Soak

Before various chemical products took over the market, clay was the most useful beauty product for natural skin care. According to research, a kaolin clay bath soak has been known to be very beneficial to the skin.

kaolin clay bath soak

Why Do a Kaolin Clay Bath Soak?

Now that the first quarter of the year is over and we are getting close to the half of the year, don’t you think it’s time to give yourself a nice treat? You have been through a whole lot of stress trying to earn a living, the weather has also contributed to you having cracked and stressed-out skin.

How about the times you travelled and the events you attended, everything must have been overwhelming and it probably is already telling on your skin. So why not take time off to take care of skin? 

Research has shown that taking time out to take good care of yourself can make a big difference in your performance. Now it is time to pick a day and give yourself a great reward for all the stress it has gone through since the beginning of the year to date. 

What kind of reward can be more amazing than a bath soak? Don’t sweat it! Kaolin clay bath soak is all you need to rejuvenate your skin and make it look fresh and soft. 

kaolin clay for bath

What Does Kaolin Clay Do for Your Skin?

Kaolin clay has been around for years now and it has proven to be very beneficial to the skin, below are a few things kaolin clay does to your skin;

1. It improves your skin tone.

Do you have an uneven skin tone? Have you been battling with various beauty products without seeing results? Then it is time to try your hands on kaolin clay. It does wonders to your skin and improves your skin tone. If you have a sensitive skin, kaolin clay is also perfect for you. 

2. Kaolin clay tightens your skin pores.

When your skin has gone through a lot of stress, it loses its elasticity and your pores become open. When your pores are open, then you are prone to any kind of skin diseases. However, with the use of kaolin clay, your pores will be tightened and there will be no room for any bacteria.

3. Works for dry skin

Do you have dry skin? Are you worried that nothing ever works for your dry skin? Then you need to try the kaolin clay bath soak. It exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dry cells in your skin. 

4. It gets rid of inflammation and acne

 Do you have sensitive skin that gets inflammation all the time? Let Kaolin clay do the magic for you. It gets rid of inflammation, acne, or sunburn and returns your skin to the fresh and moisturized skin it is meant to be. 

detox bath

How often should you use the kaolin clay?

Kaolin clay isn’t something you use often except you are using soap. But if it’s a kaolin clay bath soak, you can decide to do that once in a while as your beauty routine. Also, to avoid any effects on your skin, only use it maybe once a week or twice a week. 

When you want to use your kaolin clay bath soak, you can add at least 2 pounds of clay to your warm bathing water. Mix it with an extra 2 pounds of Epsom salt. Then for the fragrance and to boost relaxation, you can include essential oil in your water. Asides from giving your skin a treat, you also relax and unwind. 

Kaolin clay has been known to be very gentle on the skin and detoxifying to the skin. When you make use of the kaolin clay bath soak method as your beauty routine, you are sure to have soft and amazing skin. 

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