Earth Day Activities for Kids

It’s never to early to start teaching kids about conserving and less waste, just like it’s never too late to teach older people the same things. I have recently realized that my words have not been falling on deaf old(er) ears for so long as I thought, and I am very pleased to have witnessed a change toward conservation and healthfulness from an unlikely person in my life. While that is so very wonderful, I make sure to talk to my preschooler all the time about different things we need to do to keep the Earth clean and green to start at an early age. She likes to help me “cycle” the containers and papers, she is very vigilant about turning off lights, and she is learning about waste when using things like toilet paper, leaving the doors open, and having to color of the backs of my old printouts rather than having new, clean paper of her own.

DIY Homemade Bathtub Fingerpaint

Eco-Friendly Kids Herb Seed Cup

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Birdfeeders

Kids Mini Matchbook Candy Party Favors

My preschooler and I do a lot of green crafts together, some of which are posted here already, some other fun crafts are coming up soon either here or on other green living blogs written by fabulous women. The thing is, I don’t even think she realizes that most of the items in her “craft box” come from recycling or old yarn, buttons and ribbon that I have no use for anymore. Somehow, though, she manages to create some really beautiful pictures with these items and they are so textural and abstract I have great pride watching her create them! Now I just need to figure out how to store them all!

Family Fun Earth Day Printable Activity Packet
Family Fun Earth Day Printable Activity Packet

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  1. Such an important thing to do and can be difficult at times! Especially if everyone around you isn’t so mindful. My children are 10, 8, and 8 and I do see that they are actually listening to me from time to time. My older daughter and I just had an at home spa day – everything was made from items out of the kitchen. And they worked! She loved it and saw that you can make some really great products, don’t have to buy the ones with chemicals. I even have her looking for NON flame retardant PJs and she is not whinning – “why can’t we just get the other ones?” She is thinking, why can’t we find others easier.

    1. That’s great Kristina! I can’t wait to do that stuff with my daughter. She is always asking to buy stuff at the grocery store and I tell her, “No I’d rather make it since there is too much junk in this product” and she is amazingly patient for a 4yo!

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