Healthy Living Roundup and Linky 1-17-15

Natural Living Weekly Roundup and Linky 1-17-15

Weekly Roundup and Linky 1-17-15

Lately I feel like I spend all of my time in the library. It’s a good thing, though. I went for so many months while my mom was sick with a brain tumor last fall and after she passed not doing much of any work. I just couldn’t. But now it’s actually helping me to get back into my work and do more writing. I love being at the library and my oldest now accompanies me sometimes. I love how she is getting so independent and picking out books and keeping herself busy while I work. It’s amazing that all of a sudden she is reading real books with chapters and few pictures and she’s enjoying it! She reminds me so much of myself at her age. It makes me cringe a little bit less when she logs onto Animal Jam knowing that she also spends so much time reading and coloring.

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Speaking of kids growing up, my 4 year old is changing every day! Suddenly he is growing up, dressing himself (finally) and having way fewer accidents with the potty. I suspect a lot of it has to do with his younger sister catching up to him, already able to dress herself and put her own socks and shoes on.

They all want to be big helpers and I think it’s time to get a real chore chart going, rather than clog up our white board calendar with chores and whose turn it is to feed the cats. The other day the 4yo decided to set the table. Completely of his own volition. He did such a nice, job, don’t you think? I love how he used what was available to him, though I have absolutely no idea where he learned to set it this way.

Kids Helping, Red Tomato, Writing Resolutions, Weekly Roundup and Linky


Since my 4yo is getting so busy but doesn’t go to school every day, I have decided he needs some extra stimulation at home. He often asks me to read to him and he’s been asking how to spell things so he can make his own signs and books and pictures. But he needs more. So I’ve been on the hunt for printables and craft projects. I found 100+ FREE Preschool Printables. Another really great place I found was this website Meet Penny. When you sign up for the email list you get access to FREE printable packs! I also like this site for their long list of activities and printables. Looks like my husband will be busy printing at work next week…

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I’ve really been enjoying this post from the SITS girls at Massive Sway about writing resolutions, especially the part about reading more. I’ve been pushing myself to read more blog articles and in return I’ve discovered some really great sites and bloggers! I’ve also joined a local book club with a friend that I don’t see nearly enough so I will be pushed to read a great book once a month AND get out without the kids with some awesome company. Yay!

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