5 Ways to Start Living Your Best Life

Isn’t that our dream to start living our best life? Whenever we stumble upon some perfectly curated Instagram pictures, we always feel like living their lives. We are so convinced that living the best life means having everything or being perfect. However, when you start living your best life, you’ll see that it’s far from perfect and yet it brings happiness.

Living Your Best Life

Creating the life of your dreams can totally seem daunting at first because of our expectations. But know that, with consistent effort and a constructive mindset, it’s totally possible to live your dream life. All it demands is dedication and consistency.

Here are the five ways that will help you start living your best life:

1. Create mindful routines

Our life can be molded in the way we want based on our routines. You can work for the entire day and even burn midnight oil but if you don’t have properly planned routines, you will never achieve your desired life.

Having mindful routines instills discipline and a sense of ownership. When you feel responsible for your life and the time you have, you will totally use it wisely. Thus, it’s super important to have morning as well as evening routine to get organized and disciplined.

2. Let go of negativity

It may be easy to say this but when you actually practice letting go of negative stuff, it’s quite a lot harder. Our thoughts create our life and to have your best life, you need to shift your negative thoughts.

Use some tools like meditation, mindfulness, or journaling to replace these negative thoughts. I can totally understand that it’s not always possible to be positive but you can at least try to find the silver lining in all the situations.

3. Surround yourself with the best company

We are known by the company we keep thus it becomes extremely important to choose your company wisely. Have friends and colleagues that cheer you up and are always there when you start out something new or when you’re feeling low. It’s better to have two such people that hold you during your dark times than to have a bunch of friends doubting your every step.

Remember, your company has the most influence on you because those are the humans you spend most of your time with.

4. Take time for yourself

The secret to living your best life is knowing your own self. When you know who you are, you can surely figure out the way how you want to live your life. Spend time with yourself even if you’re damn busy. It can be just half an hour daily but give total, unbiased attention to yourself during this time.

Do something that makes you happy or brings back your childlike innocence. These are the little things in life that will make your life worth living.

5. Practice mindful and healthy eating

Always prefer healthy foods over dieting. Your mental wellbeing depends on the physical state of your living. If your body is upset, you won’t feel like doing anything and you’ll eventually get anxious about it.

Have a proper meal planning and practice mindful eating. Be there while eating and honor your food. As the old saying goes; a healthy mind lives in a healthy body – take care of your overall wellness. You totally deserve this.

In the end, living your best life may seem like something that would demand a lot of work but believe me, when you start putting in the efforts, you will gradually notice the change.

I hope you find these tips super useful and helpful to start creating your dream life. Do let me know in the comments below about your vision of the best life.

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