20 Ways to Love Yourself More

How many times did we long for someone’s love and felt heartbroken when they failed to love us? Probably a lot. It’s so important to love yourself and accept yourself and know that you are enough.

20 ways to love yourself more

20 Ways to Love Yourself More

The whole concept of loving yourself is flourishing and making sense. All of our lives we always wanted someone else to accept us the way we were, to be kind and generous to us while we kept sabotaging ourselves.
When was the last time you accept yourself wholly and love yourself for who you really are? We cannot expect someone to love us when we fail to do it ourselves.

I can think of numerous narratives that were fed to me that made me love myself a little less.

For starters, probably the most recurrent of all was, I’d find somebody to love me unconditionally. It never occurred to me that when we demand things like love, success, to name a few, we’re actually choosing to love ourselves less. Demanding great things from the universe wasn’t the moment I knew I needed to love myself more, but it was when I asked myself, why would I even need to love myself anyway?

When you stumble by a thought like this, you need to drop everything and give yourself reasons to love yourself.

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Why should you love yourself more?

1. It’s the key to happiness
You can only be happy when you’re satisfied with life and the only way you can be satisfied with life is when you’re satisfied with yourself.

2. Loving yourself will keep you going
Challenges are inevitable; when life throws out challenges at you, facing them becomes a lot easier when you love yourself.

Realizing the importance of loving yourself is not a challenge. The challenge is to be consistent with practicing self-love.

Self-love is chosen, forged, practiced, and fought. It isn’t always easy, but you can never find it in the arms of another person.

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So, here are some ways that you can adopt in the process…

20 Ways to love yourself the right way

1. Look for the love in the right place
There would be moments in life when you’d want people to love you. Here are two things you need to know about it,

  1. We’re least aware of the people who love us.  When we’ll truly look around ourselves we’ll surely find a bunch of people who would never give up on us, but somehow we always end up looking in the wrong place.
  2. When there’s none there’s still you. If there’s someone who can love you truly, it is YOU.

2. Know how to deal with criticism
There will come a time in life when you’ll be subjected to criticism. Don’t let it make you doubt your capabilities.

Don’t treat this criticism as hate because sometimes they are just genuine feedback that you need to become better.
3. Don’t believe every word they say
Here’s a fact of life, people would say crazy things. You can either choose to believe them or you can ignore and tell yourself, “I am not what they say I am.”
4. Swear by the phrase, “I can and I will”
It took me a while to realize that most often it is not the people but the life that throws challenges at me. In fact, I found that everything that happens to me starts and ends with me.

So, don’t rely on or blame others for your happiness, accept everything that you get from your life happily and tackle it with “I can and I will” attitude.

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5. Start pampering yourself more
It’s simple, you’re special, you’re struggling, you’re doing great, and you deserve to be pampered. Go for a movie, take care of your body, breakfast in bed, and long walks; you literally have ‘N’ number of options.
6. Take care of your body
What do you do if you love someone? You care for them. Loving yourself involves loving your body. Eat healthily, go for walks, exercise, do anything that is beneficial for your body.
7. Don’t get too hard on yourself
Have you ever dealt with a situation where you’re constantly pushing yourself to see outcomes? Don’t push yourself. Rather, think if what you’re doing is right? Is that how you should do it? Is your strategy correct?

If nothing good comes out of it still, just take a break, explore, and let go if you have to.
8. Stay away from toxic people
I won’t be the first person telling you this but you must keep your distance from toxic people. Associating with them is the most brutal damage that you can do to yourself.
9. Take time to catch your breath
You’ve been doing things for a long time, it’s time to take a break. Taking a day off to practice self-care is the best way.
10. Do what you love
In between growing up and life, we miss out on things we love. It’s never too late to do something you liked if it brings you one step closer to loving your life.
11. Don’t waste your life pleasing people
Remember that, people stick with us for who we are, not who we try to become. So, just be yourself, and everything else will be figured out on its own.
12. Be grateful for things you have
Now, this mantra is all you need. Try developing a positive outlook that makes you focus on things you have, not the ones you’re deprived of.  

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13. Be honest about your feelings
Often we try to suppress our feelings because we’re too ashamed to admit their existence. We need to remind ourselves that we’re flawed, imperfect, and that’s completely OK!

14. Go out on dates with yourself
Let the one who takes you out on dates be you. Sometimes all you need to love yourself is some quality time with yourself.

15. Explore yourself
In life, we’ll encounter moments when we’d seek answers. And most of the time these answers already exist inside us, we just need to explore ourselves to find out who we are and what we want.

16. Don’t forbid comparison completely
I insist you must compare yourself to others. But here’s a catch. If you have to compare, compare with those who don’t have the things you have instead of doing the opposite. Once you do this, you’ll begin to appreciate life more.
17. Be kind, hold no grudges
Life is too short to hold grudges for someone. Instead, let go and be kind. Being kind would make you proud of yourself.

you are sunshine you are rainbows you are all the things beautiful about this world. Love yourself.

18. Love your imperfections
Perfection is a myth. Once you accept that and begin to admire your flaws, nothing would make you love yourself more.

19. Don’t let your mistakes pull you down
It’s strange how all our lives we are afraid of making mistakes when we should actually learn from them.
Everyone makes mistakes, it’s natural, we are humans.

Instead of blaming yourself, own up to your mistakes and let them be the driving force that motivates you to be better.
20. Don’t waste too much time on thinking
Are you aware of the fact that we waste too much time thinking than doing something about it? Start taking actions that might help you do better. Even if you fail to get favorable outcomes, you’ll be proud that you tried.

You’re sunshine,
you are rainbows,
you are all the things
beautiful about this world.
Love yourself.
Keep in mind
that the only person
who can stop you
from doing that is you.

Do let me know in the comments if this article helped you change your mind for the better.
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