Mindfulness Activities for Calm

Do you feel like you are not moving? Did the clouds of darkness overshadow your mind and it unexpectedly rained? Here are 5 Mindfulness Activities for Calm and Balance that will help you feel healthy and normal.

mindfulness activities for calm and balance

5 Mindfulness Activities for Calm and Balance

This chaotic life tests our methods of survival at every point of this journey. The stress that develops inside our mind thus starts blocking our functioning as a whole. So, naturally, it requires us to do something about it.

Here are the top 5 mindfulness activities that you can practice for calm and balance in your life.

1. Get involved in a hobby

Go, grab something that you love to do, or just pick something new. Whether it is dancing, singing, working out, or going for a morning jog, get out of your bed and let the body sweat out a little.

Your physical comfort may get disturbed this way, but this is something you need for a better you. It may take a while to get used to this but you are no less than a warrior. So keep hustling, you will be there.

2. Start reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.”

Enough of scrolling through your social media profile. Utilize this time to build a habit that is going to stay for a lifetime. Get close to books and blogs that are intended to help you in some way. You can just start slowly by reading 5 pages a day and this way somehow you will accelerate yourself.

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3. Get close to nature

Haven’t you ever just looked up and gazed at the moon when all you see is darkness around. Nature has everything one needs to feel the solitude.

Get close to nature and feel the peace that it holds. The birds chirping in the morning to the glistening stars in the night sky, the environment around has everything one needs for our survival.

4. Practice gratitude

The secret to a happy and peaceful life is to live in moments. When everything around isn’t going too well, try to feel grateful for what you already have. Hope and expectations are a major reason for developing stress inside us.

Take a piece of paper and list down everything that you are grateful for. Whether it’s small or big, a present habit or an old deed, include whatever you feel like you are thankful for. 

5. Mindful Journaling

I feel I will never get off this. When I don’t know who I am, my journal knows what I feel. Try journaling your thoughts. Start with anything that you have been feeling lately and just let yourself go with the flow. It’s your journal so just be yourself.

You can write anything and everything from your insecurities to your ambitions, your failures or just your dreams and dark thoughts.
Your journey is long and life is what you make it. Put little extra effort and just get yourself in the game. Let yourself rise and fight and let the loop continue.

Whatever you are looking for is looking for you too. Just be honest to yourself and you will feel your importance and happiness while being in solitude.

I really hope that you found something valuable to calm yourself from this piece. Also, I would love to know what other ideas you include to restore balance in your life after passing through a chaotic situation, do mention in the comments below.

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