Easy and Delicious Moroccan Recipes

When I met my husband, I immediately fell in love with moroccan food. Delicious and healthy, this is definitely my kind of food. I love how there is a core selection of spices used in all the dishes – and all of the dishes are the same throughout Morocco!

Easy and Delicious Moroccan Food Made By an American Girl

Easy and Delicious Moroccan Food Recipes

I love how one country has their own collection of standard dishes using standard spices that they eat with homemade bread – not forks or knives! My mother-in-law is a master at making bread. She doesn’t use a recipe and can make delicious bread using wheat, semolina, or oats and it always comes out delicious. She even makes croissants healthier than they normally are by making them with potatoes. She still adds chocolate chips inside to keep the kids happy, all the while getting some nutrients into their little bodies.

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Traditionally, everything is shared from the same pot, and there are no individual plates. To Moroccans, food means a lot more than just something you put into your body to get you through the day. It’s a huge part of life, and it brings people together.
– Mourad Lahlou, author of Mourad: New Moroccan

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