Must-Have Fitness Goodies

So often we talk about nutrition and fitness for healthy living, but what really does that mean? Self care means taking care of ALL of you and we do that by fueling our body inside and pushing it on the outside. Here are some amazing must-haves for living the healthy life you want.

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Must-have fitness items for your total body bootcamp

Must-Have Fitness Goodies for a Healthier YOU!

Here are some amazing products that will help you feel good inside and out. I am so excited about all of them!

Aeropex by AfterShokz

When I first opened these headphones, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve never seen headphones that aren’t over-the-ear NOR earbuds so this pair of Aeropex by Aftershokz over-the-ear headphones was something so different and amazing. From the moment I tried them on I fell in love.

I am not a runner. I hate running. But I love a brisk walk AND I just joined the local gym with my friend. I tried the gym a few years ago to lose my baby and emotional eating weight I gained after my parents passed away but I just wasn’t ready for it. Now I am super excited to get in there and do the classes and the weights and use the sauna! I am so glad I have some comfortable and convenient headphones that can just go around my neck in between exercises.

workout headphones

I am so sensitive to sounds that I love the bone conduction technology that delivers music through your cheekbones. It allows me to hear sounds around me without drowning out whatever I am listening to on the AfterShokz with PremiumPitch 2.0+™ technology that produces improved audio quality with deeper bass, louder volume and reduced overall vibration.

aftershokz aeropex open-ear headphones

These headphones are so amazingly easy and light to wear my kids love to take them from me all the time, which means they get left all around the house. The titanium construction means they hold up to the tough nature of kids, whether they are dropped, sat upon or pulled. They also have an 8-hour batter and 10 DAYS of standby time! This is unheard of. I love that once I find them under the kids blankets they still work without needing to be charged.

These amazing open-ear headphones are waterproof up to 30 meters!

Use code BOOTCAMP50 for $50 off all bundles on their website

GenoPalate Report

Have you ever wondered if you are eating the right foods for your body? There are so many diets and meal plans out there but they aren’t right for everyone. GenoPalate looks at your DNA to figure out which foods YOU need to eat for optimum health. How amazing is that? I am so excited to find out how I need to change my eating habits to ensure I am doing the best for my body and health with this DNA diet plan.


GenoPalate analyzes over 100 genetic variants that influence how your body metabolizes food. They compare your genes’ ideal nutrient intakes against the nutrient compositions of the foods in our extensive database which provides you with over 85 foods that are healthiest for you. Can you imagine being able to change your BMI, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol levels based on their recommendations and not blindly following a diet plan?

It does take a few weeks for the results to come back but I surely will let you know what mine are when they do! I can’t wait to see them.

Go to GenoPalate to save 20% on your own personal report with code FIVESPOT.

Healthy Choice Grain Free Bowls

While there may be certain foods that are better for our specific bodies more than others, Healthy Choice has so many options in their Grain Free Bowls!

My personal favorite is the Spicy Black Bean and Chicken – I love anything with beans because they are the ultimate health food. Learn more about beans on this post. This delicious riced cauliflower bowl of goodness has 20 grams of protein! That means it is healthy AND it will fill you up for hours.

Healthy Choice Teriyaki Beef Power Bowl

My husband preferred the Spicy Beef Teriyaki bowl because he’s more of a meat person than I am and he loooooves spicy. This bowl has delicious beef, Chinese broccoli and riced cauliflower doused in a sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce that has 18 grams of protein. This is perfect for him when he is hungry after refereeing a soccer game and needs a quick yet healthy meal!

Healthy Choice Teriyaki Beef Power Bowl

Rosewater and Rosewater Facial Toner from Heritage Store

I love this stuff…I’ve always been a lover of rosewater ever since I met my husband. I can remember when he brought rosewater from Morocco and I said, “What am I supposed to do with this?” In Morocco, they use rosewater in baking! I used it as an addition to potpourri with cinnamon sticks, cloves and bay leaves. Needless to say, rosewater smells amazing.

For skincare, rosewater helps to tighten the pores and gently tones the skin. Heritage Store’s Rosewater Facial Toner gently removes dirt and residue and helps refresh, nourish and tone the skin. As I am approaching *ahem* middle age, this toner is a great addition to my skincare routine as it helps to diminish the overall appearance of fine lines.

Manitoba Harvest Goodies

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD Oil Drops in Peppermint
Can I just say I LOVE CBD? Anything with CBD I will try. CBD is amazing and helps me with my anxiety. Personally, I would rather use a natural plant-based supplement than a chemically-made anxiety medication.

Read more about Using CBD Oil for Anxiety and Stress here.

Manitoba Harvest extracts CBD from hemp plants grown organically in the USA. It’s third-party tested for purity and precision with non-intoxicating with verified levels of CBD. I tried the peppermint flavor which was really great in my herbal tea especially when I wasn’t feeling well and my throat hurt. The peppermint cooled my throat and relaxed me so I could rest.

You can buy CBD oil here.

manitoba harvest items

Natural Hemp Hearts
I’ve never tried hemp hearts before but I keep seeing them and want to try! Can you believe you can add 10 grams of protein to your yogurt or oatmeal just by sprinkling these on top?

Hemp Yeah! Wellness Bars
These hemp wellness bars are made with a blend of hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed, and almonds – all the yummy ingredients you would want in a snack bar with 10 whole grams of protein! Their four flavors include Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cacao, and Coconut Cashew Dark Chocolate. I had to hide them from my runner husband!

Hemp Yeah! Granola
These little packages of Hemp Yeah! Granola are perfect for my kids to take to school or for them to measure out for their yogurt or with milk.

These granola packets are made of hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa! I tried the blueberry but there is also Oats & Honey and Dark Chocolate.

From hemp, with love. Save 30% off your first order Use promo code Babblebox30 on a single order up to $500. Valid through 11/15/19. At this time, Manitoba Harvest Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract products can only be purchased and shipped within the United States. Some state exclusions may apply.

The Ultimate Sports Bra from SHEFIT

So, being that I have anxiety and I seem to have sensory issues (the headphones) which I never realized until I was an adult, I am very picky about my bras. I confess I go more than I should without. Shhh…

SHEFIT ultimate sports bra

So when I got this bra I was actually really excited to try it and see how it would fit. I love the company’s messaging and packaging.

Normally putting on a sports bra requires some cardio in itself. Or contortionist abilities. Sometimes I pull it up over my feet and then it sits at my waist because it’s so twisted I can’t get it on. And then I’m too frustrated to exercise. But this SHEFIT bra you put on like a vest and the straps are crossed in the back for extra comfort and support. Once you put the straps on you zip up the front, cinch the back strap and lift the shoulder straps! AH-MAY-ZING.

The lightweight moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and the reinforced power mesh is great for maximum bounce reduction. Who wants to be seen bouncing in a group cardio class? SHEFIT offers sports bras for low, high and maximum impact activities.

Want to try this amazing sports bra with 33% more support compared to other brands? Use code BABBLE10 to get 10% off – one time per customer.

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