Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Do you love herbs and learning how amazing they are? One of my very favorites is chamomile for its amazing healing and calming properties. There are so many health benefits of chamomile tea and one of my favorite healthy drinks.

Uses and health benefits of chamomile tea

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

So here it is 11:30pm, once again and I am still awake. This keeps happening lately, night after night. I go to bed at a reasonable hour – okay 10pm seems reasonable to me with 2 young kids and trying to work from home! But I am also pregnant and that kind of throws a wrench into my rest time.

I lie down only to feel the need to get out of bed due to sleeplessness over and over again. Finally I decided to try my chamomile tea with dried lemon balm and see how it works. I’ll let you know tomorrow!

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***The next day…It worked! I will definitely be trying this every night from now on. The chamomile and lemon balm herb tea was so yummy and it felt good to drink something all natural to help me sleep. Now getting the kids to sleep later in the morning is another dilemma in itself!

My beloved Grandma used to drink chamomile tea every day. I never understood how she could drink so much of the stuff but she was also a very calm person and maybe it’s because of the chamomile!

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Chamomile Tea and Its Benefits

There are so many benefits of chamomile it’s incredible. Here are just a few:

Relaxation and Sleep Inducer
This is the most popularly known health benefit of chamomile tea. The tryptophan present in the flower is an effective sleep inducer and thus many people have this tea before going to bed. In hospitals, this tea is given to patients to calm them down and keep them relaxed. It is also used to fight insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Muscle Relaxant
Ancient Egyptians used to ingest this tea in order to soothe menstrual cramps. Researchers believe that this tea increases the levels of glycine in urine, which in turn reduces muscle spasms, thus relieving the person of cramps. Overall, this tea reduces muscle contractions throughout the body, except the uterus, where the contractions are stimulated. Thus, it is quite effective in treating stomach cramps and upset stomachs.

{ Read More about Chamomile for Natural Muscle Relaxers for Tension Headaches }

Fever and Colds
Inhaling the vapors of Chamomile tea helps reduce congestion in the nose and lungs. Mild tea is given periodically to people having cold, sore throats and body pain.

Cosmetic Uses
Blond hair when rinsed in Chamomile tea gets brightened naturally. If mixed with henna and then applied, natural highlights are formed in dark hair. This tea is also popularly used to reduce acne and skin allergies. It also acts as a moisturizer for dry skin.

Effective Remedy for Skin Ailments
Applying cooled Chamomile tea on a clean dressing will help soothe burn pain. For sensitive skin, Chamomile tea and powdered milk can be used in the form of an exfoliating paste. Skin irritations, allergies can also be cured by consuming this tea.

Since this herb has anti-fungal properties, it can be used to treat fungal infections by dipping a ball of cotton in the tea and applying it on the infected area. Adding this tea into a hot bath helps soothe dry skin.

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Lemon Balm Benefits

  • As lemon balm contains sedative properties, it calms your senses and promotes sleep while reducing stress.
  • Regular consumption of tea treats nerve pain.
  • Lemon balm aids in relieving digestive system disorders and gastrointestinal problems, as it helps in soothing the liver and the gallbladder.
  • Lemon balm tea has also been proven to strengthen memory and other functions of brain.
  • Although, people with thyroid-related problems are asked to drink the tea, doctor’s consultation is required for those who are under thyroid hormone treatment.
  • The tea works in enhancing and improving overall mood; makes you feel calm and relaxed.
  • As common household uses, the tea treats common cold, flu, influenza, fever, bronchitis, cough, migraine, problems like vertigo, and buzzing sensations in ears.
  • Patients suffering from depression or anxiety are advised to drink the tea, as it contains mild antidepressant properties.
  • Lemon balm also helps lower blood pressure because of its tonic effect on the heart and circulatory system.
  • With a regular consumption of tea, women can find relief from depression which tend to occur during PMS, postnatal, and menopause.

Natural Chamomile and Lemon Tea Recipe

1 tea ball, muslin bag or biodegradable tea bag
1 tsp crushed lemon balm or lemon verbena
1 tsp dried chamomile flowers

Boil water and steep for 2-3 minutes. Add sugar if desired.

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