Natural Eczema Remedies for Babies

Eczema is a common problem in babies and children. It presents as a red, scaly rash that itches and sometimes oozes when it blisters and breaks open. It can be extremely uncomfortable and even miserable for kids to endure, in severe cases. Thankfully there are some wonderful natural remedies for eczema in children that can sometimes clear it up completely.

When it comes to managing eczema, sometimes natural remedies can be just as effective as prescription medications. Home remedies might not work for everyone, but it’s definitely worth trying these Home Remedies for Eczema before resorting to medicinal treatments. The great thing about home remedies is that you likely already have the ingredients in your house, and they’re typically cheap.

home remedies for eczema in babies

Natural Home Remedies for Eczema in Babies

If you’re a parent, you’re probably already aware of how sensitive a baby’s skin can be.  While many baby products say they’re better for baby’s skin, they can still contain chemicals that can irritate your child making them uncomfortable and irritable.  

Natural skin care products contain fewer harsh chemicals and are more soothing for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.

Natural skin care products have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years.  We are finally realizing that slathering ourselves in chemicals might not be the best idea. And if those chemicals are harmful to adult skin imagine how harmful they may be for baby’s skin. 

With a little research you may be able to find some natural skin care product brands that are completely natural and appropriate for your baby. However, if you don’t trust your baby’s sensitive skin to even natural store-bought products, then you can make your own skin care items.  

Here are a few quick tips and Natural Remedies for Eczema in Babies to get you started.

Quick Bath Remedy
For a great dry skin remedy, use your food processor to grind up plain oatmeal into a fine powder.   Dissolve in a warm (not hot) bath to moisturize your child’s skin and relieve itching from various causes including dry skin and chicken pox.

Olive Oil Dry Skin Eczema
Olive oil makes a great natural moisturizer for your baby’s sensitive skin. Just massage in for a healing remedy.  You can also use it as a diaper cream to help with painful rashes.

Instead of expensive diaper powders, use plain cornstarch instead.  Not only is it inexpensive, it’s a lot safer and less irritating to sensitive skin.

Make Your Own Wipes
Don’t stop with powders and creams, you can make your own baby wipes too!  Start by cutting a roll of paper towels in half to make them a convenient size.   You can then put the towels in bowl of premixed natural solution. 

While there are hundreds of possibilities, you can start by trying 2 cups water mixed with about a quarter cup of aloe vera gel and a few drops of tea tree oil.  Once you’ve thoroughly soaked the wipes, keep them fresh by recycling an old baby wipe container.

Avoid Drying Out Your Baby’s Skin

Also keep in mind that babies don’t really need many products – natural or not. To avoid baby’s skin from drying out too much don’t bathe him or her every day. Instead use a soft cotton cloth with a little warm water to clean between fingers, toes, underarms, etc. Dry the skin thoroughly to avoid drying out. 

By not over bathing you baby you shouldn’t have the need for moisturizer. In the case that you may you can simply use a little natural oil as mentioned above. When it comes to healthy baby skin, less is more. That coupled with a few natural solutions as listed her is all you really need to keep your baby’s skin healthy and natural. 

Many natural minded physicians are convinced that eczema is mostly due to food allergies. If you can identify the allergen you can avoid it or pursue some other method of healing the immune system to the body doesn’t react to it. The most common allergens would be dairy products, wheat, soy and corn.

Where is eczema on the body?

Essential fatty acids have been associated with relief from eczema. Examples of this are the types of fats in fish, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, coconut oil, organic butter from grass fed cows, and Cod Liver Oil. Talk with your health care practitioner about proper doses of these nutrients for your child.

Oatmeal baths can be helpful to ease the child’s itching. You can purchase colloidal oatmeal at drug stores, or make your own by grinding oats in your blender and then putting them in muslin tea bags. Place one in your child’s bath water, and use tepid to warm water. Don’t over bathe your child or use soap. Then while your child’s skin is still wet, apply an eczema lotion.

soap nuts for eczema

Avoid using harsh detergents when washing your child’s clothing. Soap Nuts might be the best choice since they are all natural and not irritating to the skin. If you use any type of detergent, do a double rinse to remove residues.

Probiotics can be helpful in healing a child’s gut imbalance. Foods such as naturally fermented and cultured vegetables (sauerkraut, kim chi, etc), kefir, yogurt and kombucha might help your child’s immune system to normalize and heal. Here is a Step by Step Tutorial on Brewing Kombucha.

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