The Best Non Toxic Mosquito Repellent for Your Yard

As summer approaches and we spend more time in our yards, one pesky issue always seems to follow us: mosquitoes. These tiny yet annoying creatures can quickly turn a fun evening into a battle against itchy bites. While there are many mosquito repellents on the market, most of them contain harmful chemicals that we wouldn’t want on our skin, let alone in our yards where children and pets play. But fear not, there is a solution that is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly – non toxic mosquito repellent for yard.

Have you ever thought about saying no to harsh chemicals and hello to Mother Nature’s solutions when it comes to keeping pests at bay in your garden? Well, Natural Pest Control is not only possible, it’s incredibly effective and better for our planet!

mosquitoes in yard

Before considering the frustration that mosquitoes cause, we must realize that all flying or biting insects are not mosquitoes. Almost more than 3500 species of flying insects come under 112 genera that look like mosquitoes. With such variation in species, they have variable habits and risks associated with them due to their inconsistent behaviors.

Anopheles mosquito
Anopheles mosquito / Photo credit: João P. Burini

For example, marsh mosquitoes (Anopheles) transmit malaria to humans. They can be identified by the black and white scales on the wings. Whereas dengue and yellow fever are caused by the Aedes genus, with black and white markings on their bodies and legs.

Non Toxic Mosquito Repellent for Yard

North America alone is home to more than 82 species of mosquitos which include Aedes, Anopheles, Mansonia (big, black or brown mosquitoes with sparkling on their wings and legs), and Culiseta (dark abdomen with somewhat reflective bronze or blue-green scales). Additionally, some mosquito species primarily bite humans, while others feed on livestock.

Natural Mosquito Control Ideas

Mosquitoes Behavior

While talking about the biting behavior, some mosquito species bite more vigorously at dawn and dusk in the summer. Whereas some other species keep biting actively with the changing weather. Their unpredicted behavior makes it difficult to foresee when and where we could fall prey to them.

mosquitoes biting girls outside

Only the female mosquitoes bite humans to continue their reproductive cycles. Once they’re done with biting, will locate their safe hidings to lay eggs. Their favorite egg-laying places remain water marshes, water courses, tree crevices, dark spots, and dumpy places in the yards and gardens.

What Attracts Mosquito to Humans

Mosquitos are attracted by the following when flying around and in search of prey:

  • The detection of CO2 makes them feel that something biteable is around. They approach their targets, whether they’re humans or livestock, to feed on them.
  • Our body odor also counts besides body temperature and moisture. They are often more attracted by the odors originating from our skin. That’s the reason the people who sweat most are their key targets.
  • Humans in semi-lit or darker sites in the yard are prone to their attacks compared to attacks under strong lights.
  • People wearing black or dark-colored clothes are also a preferred target for female mosquito bites.
marigold for mosquitoes

How to Keep Mosquitos Away Using Natural Ingredients

Natural repellents include a wide range of herbs and essential oils which includes marigolds, peppermint, lemongrass, basil, lavender, rosemary, and garlic. Essential oil from any of these plants mixed with water can be sprayed at the boundary of the yard to deter mosquitos from their heavy infestation.

Reapplication may be required if you will be in the yard 3 hours or more at night. Otherwise, planting all these herbs on the outskirts of your yard is recommended for a sustainable mosquito control program.

garlic cloves

Homemade Garlic Spray

Garlic contains “Allicin” which possesses a pungent smell that deters mosquitoes and creates a bite-free environment in the yards. To make a garlic deterrent recipe, combine 10-12 tablespoons of crushed garlic in about 20 ounces of water and boil for ten minutes. Let the liquid cool and put in a spray bottle. Spray around the yard and especially on the plants at dusk when the mosquito infestation is at its peak.

All species of mosquitoes run away from the strong light. Try to well-lit the entire yard area if you want to stay in the yard after sunset. Stay healthy and enjoy a mosquito-free environment.

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