Pantry Bugs

Pantry bugs are pesky little creatures that like to set up camp where you store your food. It doesn’t matter how clean your pantry is – if there’s a way for them to get in, they will. Find out about all natural pest control for your home.

pantry bugs

What are Pantry Bugs?

If you haven’t ever seen insects in your grains, you are probably wondering what are pantry bugs? There are several kinds of pantry and flour bugs, unfortunately, and they are all pretty gross. The most common are the confused flour beetle, the red flour beetle and the grain weevil.

What Do Pantry Bugs Look Like?

Would you know pantry bugs if you saw them? Here are some detailed pantry bugs pictures so you can identify them if they happen to be in your home. Most of us don’t even know what pantry bugs look like anyway!

Do you know if you have pantry bugs? What do they look like in a bag of flour or rice?

All Natural Pantry Bug Repellents

Have you ever had pantry bugs or just want to keep them away with natural pest control? Try these all natural pantry bug repellents to make sure you don’t end up with bugs in your grains.

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How to Get Rid of Pantry Bugs

Have you ever pulled out your flour or cornmeal and found little creepy crawlies in it? I’ve done that and it’s the grossest thing. I had to completely empty my pantry cabinets one summer because the pantry bugs were everywhere. If you don’t secure pantry items like flours and baking goods, the bugs will find a home inside! Fortunately, like other natural pest control ideas, there are some easy ways to get rid of pantry bugs.

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How to Keep Bugs out of Flour

If you’ve opened your flour and noticed lots of small pests, you probably have trouble. Pantry bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that may be capable of flying. Nobody needs these insects in their flour. Learn How to Keep Bugs out of Flour.

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