Easy Weeknight Pressure Cooker Recipes

Have you ever heard of a pressure cooker, much less used one? Here is a great list of Easy Weeknight Pressure Cooker Recipes that are so easy and delicious!

Easy Weeknight Pressure Cooker Recipes

I never knew what they were before I met my husband. His family uses them ALL the time. They are pretty much genius inventions that the western world is just starting to become aware of and they make our lives SO much easier!

These simple pieces of cookware can make your food taste like you’ve been cooking it all day, when it’s only cooked for 20 minutes! I love making pressure cooker recipes especially during the week when we are all busy with activities and work.

How does the pressure cooker work?

The pressure cooker confines pressure inside the pot and the boiling point of liquids is increased from 212 degrees F. to as high as 250 degrees F. When a sealed cover is put on the pot to trap the steam, the pressure inside the pot increases, which causes the boiling point of the liquid to also rise. This means that foods cooking inside the pot can be cooked 3 to 10 times faster than when they are cooked in normal capacity.

Here’s a post about how to use the old fashioned stainless steel pressure cooker.
How to Use a Pressure Cooker – It isn’t So Scary!

I now use a Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker, which I LOVE. It’s super easy and very similar to an instant pot. You basically just put the button to turn it on and wait until it beeps that the food is done! Super simple!

Pressure Cooker Recipes

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