My Little Pony Birthday Cake and My Little Pony Party Ideas

My Little Pony Birthday Cake and My Little Pony Party Ideas

My little girl turned 5 this past week, hardly believable yet when I look at her I don’t see a baby anymore. She’s growing up so fast and so happy discovering everything I am excited for her to start her school life next year.

And so we have the My Little Pony birthday cake and party…

She asked for a My Little Pony (MLP) birthday cake with lots of rainbows. When she was two, it was Elmo, age three was princess, age four was butterflies, and this year was rainbows and ponies. We had so much fun planning for this party and I found so many fun My Little Pony party ideas that I just didn’t have time to make.

One thing I did make was the rainbow cake…

And here are the favors and table centerpiece!

* * *

There are quite a few great rainbow ideas on this site,
including the rainbow playdough in the jar!

I wanted to make these but couldn’t get all of the fruit in March.

Ok that’s about it for now…still recovering from the party! I will post some printables soon in a new post for a rainbow birthday party.

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and Kids Birthday Party Food for more ideas!

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  1. Hi there! was looking for ideas for my granddaughters Little Pony birthday party in 2 weeks and came upon your ideas and I saw the marshmallow and M&M ice cream cones. Can you please tell me how you made them? Thank you kindly

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