Self Care Habits for a Happy Life

We all long for a happy and healthy life. But in this fast-paced lifestyle, we are super busy in making ends meet that we seldom pay attention to ourselves. Here are some amazing Self Care Habits that will keep you happy and healthy.

Self Care Habits for a Happy and Healthy Life

A Doable Self Care Routine

When was the last time you spent some quality time alone without worrying much about your work or household chores? When was it that you were totally relaxed and your mind wasn’t racing? It’s indeed hard to find such occasions where we are totally mindful and present at the moment.

With ever-changing seasons and life getting tougher, it becomes utmost essential to craft a self-care routine for ourselves.

We always consider self-care as something that makes our bodies feel joyous and relaxed. No doubt, self-care is totally about doing everything that makes you happy and brings peace to your inner land. But it’s also about being mindful and taking care of your thoughts.

You may feel up for the challenge, but recognizing the need for self-care is one thing. Actually adopting a self-care practice that can improve your life is another.

I’ve witnessed super successful women having some remarkable self care habits and routine. They’re all so firm with their self-care and no validation from the outer world. This is where you evolve as a person you always wanted to be.

Recently, I also created my own self-care routine and have been sticking to it. Believe me, it has created so many magical changes in my thinking as well as my body. Here are the self-care habits that I would really urge you to follow.

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What are self care habits?

Habits are something that you practice regularly without fail. They become core-part of your existence and you simply feel so different without practicing them.

Self-care habits are the rituals that you include in your lifestyle that help you grow emotionally, spiritually besides your physical growth.

You can feel a sudden shift in your mindset while practicing these rituals on a regular basis.
Let’s talk in detail about some beautiful self-care habits you definitely need to have:

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1. Have a morning routine
When you’re practicing self-care, it’s necessary to start your day with something that feeds your mind, soul, and body. Having an effective self-care routine will enable you to inculcate some healthy habits in the morning like moving your body, practicing yoga, healthy breakfast, and so on.

This is for you to make sure that your mornings are mindful and that you’re starting your day with the right tone.

2. Know where to invest your time
We are indeed super busy and it’s necessary to be mindful of where we are investing our precious time. You may be spending it on your daily self-care or doing everything that makes you happy.

Time is money and it’s indeed true for the era we are living in. When you’re mindful of your time, you won’t spend it on something that drains you mentally or physically.

3. Protect your energy
It’s super difficult to create a positive vibe all day long and be jolly all time. However, it’s always in our hands to protect our energy and save ourselves from everything that hinders our growth. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with and share your energy. It definitely is going to affect your whole vibe and aura.

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4. Know when to pause
Taking breaks is equally important and necessary just as working for your business. When we pause and reflect within, we realize the magic we are born with. This will help you grow as a person and your work will indeed stand out because of your authenticity.

5. Be mindful with your food habits
Mindful eating over binge eating is such a flourishing concept. We are what we intake, thoughts, and food determine this. Being mindful of your food helps you stay healthy and on top of that, it removes toxins from your body and cleanses it.

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6. Move your body
Practicing regular exercise whether it’s hitting the gym or going for a morning walk is super beneficial for our ‘feel-good’ hormones.

Start with some 20 mins run or a walk and increase it gradually. Do not stress yourself much for perfection in the beginning or you definitely will give up on your practice.

7. Know whom to respond
Every action has a reaction but you don’t always have to respond to something that harms your peace. Be mindful of where you’re throwing your words, it will indeed have a great impact on your mind.

If something or someone is hindering your peace, it’s better to walk away instead of responding with anger. When you practice radical self-care, you save yourself from everything that hurts your soul.

8. Practice letting go
Let go of everything that isn’t serving you. It indeed will be difficult in the beginning but as you will walk in the path of your light, you will find this worth doing.

Letting go will save you from so much hurt and make you feel calm and relaxed.

9. Have a bed-time routine
Just as having a proper morning routine works wonders for your daily boost, the evening routine is the key to maintain it.

Having a bedtime routine will ensure you of a better sleep which will help you with your next day plan. It’s super annoying to wake up cranky or with a grumpy mood.

Plan out your evening routine just as you would do in the morning. Include everything necessary like reading a few pages, switching your phone off, or practicing some bed-time yoga. These habits have proved to be insanely effective for me.

woman reading a book in evening

10. Practice digital detox
If you are someone whose work is mostly online, I bet you surely need some time off from these gadgets. We are always consuming, knowingly, or unknowingly which is creating serious damage to our mindfulness. People nowadays are so engrossed in their gadgets and social media that they hardly have some time to live a real life.

These social media sets the standard of living and if we’re not able to match those, we feel a total failure and wasted. Taking digital detox once a week will recharge you and you will be back with renewed energy and spirits.
Practicing self-care can be super challenging if you’re just starting out. But trust me, it’s something that you would definitely need to live a happy and healthy life.

Taking care of your soul, body, and mind is solely your responsibility. Some days, it would be difficult to stick to these self-care habits. Do not be so harsh on yourself and always start with some baby steps.

I really hope that this piece would have inspired you for following self-care rituals. I would love to hear more about your self care habits in the comments below.

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