20 Self-Care Kit Must-Haves to Include

You would have probably heard or read a lot about Self-care Sunday with Instagrammers posting their skin-care ideas and everything that soothes them. Lately, I have been super obsessed with this idea of having my own self-care kit so when I need a pick-me-up I have everything ready.

20 must-haves to include in your self-care kit

20 Self-Care Kit Must-Haves to Include

We also need to understand that self-care isn’t only having a hot bubble bath or some skin-care routine. But, it’s also about taking care of your soul, mind, and body as well as nourishing it.

I stumbled upon some beautiful ideas to include in my daily self-care routine and thought of having an exclusive self-care kit of all the products I love using. Well if you’re reading this then I’m sure you too are a self-care fanatic like me and I would highly recommend having your own self-care toolkit of everything that brings you comfort.

What should be in a self care kit?

Anything that is soothing, relaxing, or just makes you feel good are great options. Make sure you use a basket or container that you like and evokes good memories. My daughter made a similar type of kit called a calm box and on the outside she decorated it with stickers and things she liked. Inside she included the items that soothed her and calmed her down like fidget toys, a soft animal and photos.

calm box for kids
My daughter’s self care kit when she was 8.

It’s so important for our own well-being to have a self care kit ready for those times that we are struggling and need to calm ourselves.

Here’s what I include in my self-care kit:

1. Journals and Pens
I absolutely love journaling and can never fail including my favorite journals and all the stationery articles in my self-care toolkit. I especially love keeping track of my self care each day using my self care planner

2. Weighted blankets
Who doesn’t like to grab some good night’s sleep free from anxiety? These blankets are amazing at triggering ‘feel good’ hormones. It’s like a hug all night long.

3. Essential oils
Essential oils are super effective for reducing stress and anxiety. You can use them with a diffuser for aromatherapy. I love to use essential oils in my detox baths with epsom salts, in a roller bottle to relieve pain or tension, or in the diffuser for an entire room. I honestly would be lost without my essential oils…they uplift me when I need uplifting. They calm me when I need to be calmed.

I love Rocky Mountain Oils because of their quality 100% pure essential oils that require no minimum purchase and always supplies FREE shipping! Plus they always have specials going on!

100% pure essential oils

4. Eye masks
These beautiful eye masks can help you with sleep as well as can aid you with your skincare by removing those eye bags. I use them for blocking light though.

5. Coloring book
Adult coloring is super famous for the mindfulness technique. These are amazing when it comes to relaxing your mind and bringing calm. My kids and I sometimes sit and color together – what an amazing bonding activity!

relaxation coloring pages for self care kits

6. Facial masks
I love these masks for my skin as they’re natural and free from all toxics. I usually use them once a week to make my skin feel fresh and yup, it works a charm.

7. Hot water bags
Lately, I have been adoring these hot water bags for comfort and warmth. I literally feel like hanging them on my stomach and carrying them everywhere!!

8. A good book
A good book is like a best friend who always accompanies you in your light as well as dark. It can take you on a ride that you forget your cares and focus on the story and what might happen next. I cannot always decide on a good book to read because I hoard them like crazy, but here’s this book that I’m loving lately:

If you are looking for more books to read check out the book lists on this page:
books to read

9. Teabags
So I made this a rule to drink hot beverages whenever I feel low or sad, probably inspired by Sheldon from Big bang theory!! But guess what, it always works and you should definitely try this too.

10. Scented candles
Who doesn’t love the sweet smell that soothes the soul? I especially love these vanilla-flavored scented candles that smell so delicious!!

11. Fluffy socks
Whatever the weather may be, I love keeping myself warm and these fluffy socks make me feel super adorable and cozy.

12. Set of earphones
Can you even imagine going on a road trip without your earphones? Dumb, yeah!! But I always forget to carry them so needed to include in my self-soothing toolkit.

13. Stuffed Animal
Yes obviously adults are not ones to enjoy stuffed animals, but if you have one of these special warmies plush animals, you will enjoy having it in your self care kit. This soft and fuzzy animal is filled with flax and lavender and can be warmed in the microwave, creating a soothing friend to hug! They have all different animals too – dog, cat, unicorn, sloth, elephant, owl, hedgehog, cow, etc.
warmies husky stuffed animal

14. Therapy Dough
This Pinch-Me Therapy Dough is like putty for adults. Refocus, rebalance, and restore with aroma treatment dough. As you knead, it will take the edge off and will act as a hand strengthener. Simply squeeze the dough and enjoy.

15. Song List
A list of songs that help boost the mood is essential for a self care box.

I hope you would have grabbed some amazing ideas of products to include in your self-care toolkit. Just be sure that they make you feel calm and relaxed because it’s totally for your own self.

I would love to know what other things you would be including in your self-care toolkit. Do drop your ideas in the comments below.

DIY self-care kit for your anxiety

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