Self Care Meditation Routine for Health

Meditation is a wonderful way to become more in tuned with your mind, body, and soul, relieve stress, and have an easy way to practice more self care and self-awareness. If you are not interested in doing a morning routine with meditation, why not switch it around and try having a self care meditation routine at bedtime?

self care meditation bedtime

I was always wary about meditation and thought there’s no way I can sit there without my mind wandering. But believe me, if you actually sit and listen to the meditation and focus only on that, I promise you amazing things will happen! And you will be so much more relaxed for sleeping with a self care meditation routine. Doing this in the evening you can let the day go and rest better.

Get Your Meditation Space Ready

Before you start your nighttime ritual, you need to have your meditation space ready and set up. It might move around your home depending on what other family members are doing at the time, since you need time to yourself for this practice, but try to schedule it during a time where you always meditate in the same place. This allows you to set up a dedicated medication space, whether it is in your bedroom, office, or a guest room with a corner specifically for this purpose. Think about what you might use while meditating, such as mala beads, music, a candle or essential oil diffuser, or healing crystals.

Try a Warm Bath Before Meditating

Your nighttime ritual doesn’t necessarily only include meditation itself. This can be more of a nighttime routine, where you do roughly the same things each night. Before you start meditating, it can be good to be in a relaxed state, which is going to help with your meditation practice. One way to do this in the evening is add a bath to your nighttime routine. That way, you are relaxing your body after a long day, relieving some stress with bath salts and candles, and then feel invigorated and ready to relax your mind even
further when you begin meditating.

Add Yoga to Your Nighttime Rituals

Lastly, why not add a quick yoga session to your nighttime rituals? Even if you prefer doing a full yoga workout routine in the morning or earlier in the day, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a short session in the evening before bed. This is great to do either just before or after meditation, benefiting from both of these practices with more self-awareness and relaxation.

Yoga in the evening helps in so many ways, from relieving stress and relaxing your body to help you get better sleep, to simply getting into a positive mindset for more peaceful dreams. It is also fun to do with the family before everyone gets ready for bed as a nice family-friendly activity.

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