Simple Container Gardening Ideas

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a “real” gardener. I just always seem to be bogged down with soil issues, light issues or just plain don’t have the time to devote to it. But I really WANT to have gardening spaces in my home – inside and outside. I know my kids love it and I do too, when I allow myself the time to do it.

Below are some really cool container gardening ideas I found that are also really fairly simple to do.


Simple Container Gardening Ideas You Can Do at Home

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Simple Container Gardening Ideas You Can Do at Home

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  1. This blog post is right on time! I’m not much of a gardener either, but I would like to spruce up my outside space a bit. It’s small but cute. I have a couple of plants that need re-planting and you have inspired me to take action! The indoor ideas are nice, but I think I better keep my plants outside. The interior is small also and I’m working on getting rid of some stuff. Don’t think I need to add any foliage to the mix just yet.

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