Five Smart Ideas to Organize Your Spices

For something so small, spices always give us a run for our money when it comes down to trying to organize them effectively. For most of us, our spices sit in a cabinet with no rhyme or reason as to how they are sprawled about, and when it comes time to finding the one we need, it always looks like a hurricane ran through our kitchen.

Five Smart Ideas to Organize Your Spices

Instead of having this same disheveled battle with your spices, use the following smart ideas to help you better organize your seasonings.

Baby Food Jars

Not all spices come in the same size containers, and this can be one of the many reasons we find it difficult to organize them. Instead of trying to find a place for your small spice containers and your large spice containers, put them all in baby food jars. This will ensure that your spices are always in the same size containers, which makes them easier to store.

Put scrapbook paper over the top of the jar and write the name of the spice on it as well as the expiration date. You could also paint the lid with spray paint (or chalk paint) and, again, write the name and expiration date on it.

Tiered Cabinet

If you keep your spices in a cabinet, don’t just put them all on different shelves of the cabinet because you’ll still need to dig through the entire cabinet to find what you’re looking for. Instead, use empty tissue boxes or other household items to create tiered shelving units. This way, you can put the items in the back of the cabinet higher up so that you can easily read the labels and not have to dig through jars and jars of spices to find what you want.


If you don’t have the cabinet space to dedicate to your spices, you can always put your spices in a drawer. Make sure that your spices are lined up so that their labels are easier to read. Since most kitchen drawers aren’t very deep, you can easily store all your spices on one level and not have to worry about digging through a drawer full of spices to find what you need.


When it comes to placing your spices in your drawer or cabinet, the best thing to do is to alphabetize them by name. This way, you (or anyone else in your kitchen) will be able to easily find the spices they need. Not only will this ensure that everything remains in place, but it will also make cooking and baking that much more efficient for you.

You’ll be surprised at how much more space you will have and how much quicker you can locate your spices if you take the time to organize them. Using baby food jars, tiered cabinets and drawers can help you

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