15 Ways to Stay Healthy and Lose Fat Naturally

I was looking over Pinterest the other day and of course totally drawn to this list, as an expectant mommy needing to stay healthy and knowing what lies ahead after childbirth. This is not my first merry-go-round of pregnancy weight gain and postpartum weight struggles but I love natural foods. I laughed to myself when I looked it over because most, if not all, of these foods are what my mother-in-law is always pushing at us or cooking/baking with and I realized how far behind our country, for the most part, is so much behind those third world countries that have been living this way for centuries. They seem to know things about natural foods for health and longevity that we don’t know. Yes, they lack the science, but the information has been passed down generations and it’s fascinating to hear the explanations of why we should eat something for health or weight loss. Of course, these foods won’t do a bit of good if you eat them sitting on the couch, but it’s a good start! I will definitely be making my diet full of these natural foods from now on except maybe the jalapenos.

15 Healthy Natural Foods
Image and Information Courtesy of loseweight-safe.com

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  1. I love the spices, beans, fruit, and yogurt, but I”m alittle surprised by coffee…isn’t coffee full of alot of empty calories? Plus the way it affects your body, never heard of it increasing metabolism! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kelley! I think I need to start adding my growing recipe book of authentic moroccan recipes from my inlaws – LOTS of cinnamon and turmeric usage and other good-for-you spices and herbs.

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