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Sweet Moroccan Bread (Krachel)

This sweet Moroccan Bread is made with anise, sesame seeds and orange flower water, giving it a very delicious and distinctive taste. It is basically a version of brioche so if you are familiar making bread recipes this will be easy to do!

sweet moroccan bread

Sweet Moroccan Bread (Krachel)

This fluffy moroccan bread is perfect for breakfast or tea time – you can eat it plain, with butter, cream cheese or the best way, with nutella.

Sweet moroccan bread (krachel) are sweet, fragrant rolls flavored with anise seeds, sesame seeds and orange flower water. These rolls freeze so well AND they disappear quickly, so I usually make a double batch!

This bread takes awhile to make as it requires a few risings but overall it really is very easy to make. You just need to plan it out before you start.

moroccan krachel split open

I love the taste of anise seeds, but some people really don’t like the seeds or the flavor, which is a licorice-type flavor. You can use the whole seeds, as the recipe calls for, use ground anise, or omit it altogether. The flavor of the orange flower water and sesame is enough to make this delicious bread.