Homemade Tea Tree Oil Sanitizer Spray

Killing bacteria is one of the many tea tree oil uses and better for your health than store brands! These days it is next to impossible to find sanitizer on the store shelves and it’s so much easier to make your own Homemade Tea Tree Oil Sanitizer Spray as long as you follow the CDC guidelines.

homemade sanitizer spray with tea tree oil

The only way to curb the spread of germs and viruses is by keeping our hands and surfaces clean. Use this Homemade Tea Tree Sanitizer Spray when you need a quick cleaning of your hands, phone, keys, etc. Cleaning with soap is always preferred but if you don’t have access to running water this is preferred.

Clean hands are a very important way to prevent infection or spread, especially with viruses like the coronaviruses, which can survive on surfaces or inanimate objects for hours to even a day or more.

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Alcohol-based sanitizer containing at least 60 percent ethanol, preferably at least 62 percent or at least 70 percent isopropanol, is officially recommended. It will kill coronavirus in 15 to 30 seconds, about the time it takes the liquid to evaporate after it’s applied, so wait for it to evaporate naturally.

The latest on coronavirus (aka covid-19) has caused a panic in most stores and online. It’s almost impossible to get your hands on a bottle of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol since the CDC said to only use hand sanitizer with alcohol.

But – if you know what you are using in the hand sanitizer and how these ingredients work, we can feel confident that our DIY hand sanitizer will do the job against germs and the coronavirus.

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Disclaimer: As the CDC recommends, hand washing is most important for corona virus as it cleans off the greasy layer of the virus but in settings where there is no access to hand-washing, a hand sanitizer is acceptable. This hand sanitizer recipe does not include the 60%+ alcohol content that the CDC and other health organizations recommend for hand sanitizer to properly kill coronavirus. A recipe that contains this level of alcohol can be found through the World Health Organization.

homemade hand sanitizer with essential oils and PET blue pump

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Facts about Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol

Hand sanitizers may affect your immune system by killing good bacteria which keep disease-causing bacteria at bay. In a 2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control, it was found that healthcare workers who routinely used alcohol-based hand sanitizers were much more likely to get the norovirus or stomach flu.

sage essential oil

Sage Essential Oil has been shown to be active against severe acute respiratory coronavirus SARS-CoV.

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100% pure essential oils

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How to Make Hand Sanitizer with Tea Tree Oil

This homemade hand sanitizer recipe is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and is also good for your skin! The aloe vera and the vitamin E nourishes the skin, keeping it hydrated and clean. The tea tree oil kills off bacteria, while the lavender, sage and lemongrass kill off virus and make it smell wonderful!

The glycerin will provide moisturizing benefits since alcohol can be very drying.

You need at least 120 proof alcohol or at least 70% higher isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Don’t use other types of alcohol (methanol, butanol) since they’re toxic.

Homemade Tea Tree Oil Sanitizer Spray Recipe

– 2oz spray bottle
– 1 tsp glycerin
– 10-15 drops essential oils (tea tree, sage, lemongrass, rosemary, lavender)
– Alcohol


  • Add the glycerin and essential oils to a 2-ounce glass spray bottle.
  • Add the alcohol until the bottle is almost full. Place the cap on the spray bottle and shake well to combine the ingredients.

To Use:
1. Gently shake the bottle. Spray liberally on hands and rub together until dry.

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