Mini Banana Bread Recipe

For as long as I can remember I’ve been making banana bread. It’s only recently I got my hands on some little loaf pans and started making mini muffins and this Mini Banana Bread Recipe. As much as my 8 year old protests, healthy recipes are the only things I will make in my house.

The Perfect Gift: Mini Banana Bread Recipe

Don’t you just love these little banana breads? They are a perfect gift to wrap up and give to someone for the holidays or just because. They also make tea-time a little bit more special. My grandparents had a standing date at 3:00 in the afternoon every single day. They had tea and cookies, or if they wanted, they had something special like this mini banana bread recipe or apple turnovers.

Everyone should have a time during the day where they just sit and relax. I loved 3:00 tea-time with my grandparents. We would chat about our days and talk about so many things. I remember that better than I remember dinners or holidays, because this was when we were the most relaxed and just sat together.


Mini Banana Bread Recipe is perfect for gifts or everyday tea time!

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