15 Things to Stop Buying

Clutter is never fun to deal with. However, as humans, we seem to build up clutter with no problem. Something you can remember is what NOT to buy when it comes down to clutter.

If you’re sick and tired of things cluttering up your home, here are 15 things to stop buying to start decluttering your life.

15 Things to Stop Buying to Declutter Your House pile of shoes

Do you find that you can’t keep on top of all the clutter because once you get rid of some clutter, more items come into the house? Well here are some things to STOP buying and bringing into the house.

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1.Stop buying shoes
Most humans only need 1-2 pairs of shoes, stop buying shoes and letting them sit there.

2. Excess clothing
When your drawers are full and there’s nowhere to hang anything, it’s time to stop buying clothes.

3. Appliances
Your countertops are full, you no longer need one more appliance. It’s so nice to have space on the countertop to actually make food!

4. More toys than your kids can play with
Kids can entertain themselves, stop buying toys and watch that clutter go away.

15 things to get rid of extra toys

5. Behave yourself at the dollar store
Everyone loves the dollar store, but it can add clutter to your home quickly. Only buy what you need.

6. Organizational items
Organizing items are great if you actually organize, otherwise it just adds clutter to your home.

7. Blankets and throws
How many blankets do you already have in your house? Keep this in mind!

8. Cups, plates, and other dishes
Keeping an excess amount of dishes in your cabinets is only going to create extra clutter.

9. Craft supplies
If you buy craft supplies and actually use it, good for you. However, those of you who just like buying and not using, you’re only cluttering up your home.

10. Electronics galore
Computers, televisions, iPads, tablets, phones, and video games clutter our homes.

electronics mess

11. Gidgets and gadgets
We all love things that make our lives easier, but how many of those items do you truly need? Maybe it’s time to stop watching late night television and ordering every item you see.

12. Paper products
Paper cups, plates, and plastic silverware are great for usage, but how much do you need? Remember these items are going straight to the landfill.

13. Fridge clutter
Those magnets, pictures, and everything else on your fridge have got to go. Display a few, but don’t keep buying magnets to support your fridge clutter.

14. Fast food
Hear me out, you can buy fast food (sometimes), but stop letting the clutter accumulate in your car. Fast food packages is one of the greatest causes of clutter.

15. Collecting samples
Samples are great, but when they start collecting in your house and causing clutter, we have a problem.

Remember that these things are okay to buy, it’s when you start buying in excess that it clutters your home.

What do you need to stop buying in order to stop the clutter?

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  1. You are so right about a lot of the things that cause clutter. I am terrible at hanging onto the small packages of soy sauce, plastic forks and salt that carry out gives. Ant the samples that stores give or that come in a letter or package I always think I will use them but never do.

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