10 Rules to Live By According to Mom

In honor of my mom, who passed away two years ago today, I am re-posting these rules for life. My mom was an amazing woman – generous, giving, thoughtful and fierce. She just went through life head first, always appreciating what she had and always striving for future goals.

Top Rules to Live By My Mother Always Repeated

Top Rules to Live By According to My Mother

With the new year starting, I am thinking about my New Year resolutions quite a bit. I am also thinking about my mother who passed away in October and the rules to live by she used to always repeat. She was sick with a brain tumor for 17 months and hardly complained. Even when she did, she apologized and changed the subject. She was so vibrant and upbeat as long as she could and left such an amazing legacy.

  1. Always wear clean underwear.
    You never know when you might be in an accident, even going a mile down the road after a friend’s sleepover.
  2. Never curse.
    Cursing is gross and distasteful and worthy of getting a mouthful of soap. For reals.
  3. Let it go.
    Don’t let things bother you that you can’t change.
  4. Treat yourself.
    You deserve to do nice things for yourself once in awhile. Be happy.
  5. Have a 5-year goal
    Where do you want to be in your life in five years? Write it down so you can achieve the things in life you desire.
  6. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
    My mother was a warrior. She worked even when she was very sick (not contagious). She got dressed, put on a smile and did her job.
  7. Don’t overstay your welcome
    Just because you were invited over someone’s house, doesn’t mean you should move in.
  8. If you can drive stick shift, you can drive anything.
    I struggled when I learned to drive on a manual transmission, but my mom was insistent it was the best thing to learn.
  9. Work hard but know when to relax.
    Do your job and do it well and see it through. Then relax and enjoy life.
  10. Listen to the ocean waves.
    Just sit. Be.

    Please enjoy this free printable! Click on the image for a high-resolution jpeg you can print, measuring 8″x10″.

    Top Rules to Live By My Mother Always Repeated

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    Top Rules to Live By My Mother Always Repeated

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  1. So sorry. Like me tho you are blessed with good memories sadly I don’t have that many as my Mother died when I was only just 16. I’m now 53 married divorced mother and grandmother. Far from the stroppy teenager she left behind
    I absolutely love the poster you made I’d love to print out for my kids for Christmas would have to make a couple of adjustments as I’m in the uk
    My kids have had to deal with the fall out of my divorce which is so hard
    Also just want to say thank you so much for all you write. I rarely reply but do read. I love them.

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